Santa Cruz is on track to become the third city in the country to decriminalize psychedelic plants. Kiet Do reports. (11-14-19)
I do not advocate or condone the use of illegal substances. This video is for informative and educational purposes. In this video I discuss several major mysteries about extremely high dose psilocybin experiences. I talk [More]
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Kerry Pappas was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in 2013. After participating in a psilocybin study, she lost her crippling anxiety about death. “60 Minutes” reports on the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Click here [More]
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As cannabis legalization spreads across the globe, another mind-altering drug is trying to follow in its tracks: magic mushrooms. Denver voted in May to decriminalize the fungus that contains psilocybin, a psychedelic compound popularized by [More]
today while walking the lawn I came across some mushrooms in my yard! it’s actually a good sign. all it means is that there’s organic material in your soil, and it’s happy. just pick them [More]