This video is for educational purposes and does not promote the sales of any products. There are no restrictions in Canada on the possession & consumption of fresh psilocybin mushrooms. It’s also legal to purchase [More]
This video takes you from starting with a single spore syringe, and multiplying that 1 syringe into 10, then using those new syringes to inoculate 5 PastyPlates, 2 big BRF cakes/jars and huge BRF cake [More]
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Mycelbrick in einem Grow Eimer ca. 2 Wochen
How to Grow Mushrooms Part Two: Items Needed: Standard Kitchen Oven 1/2 Pint Substrate Jars Mushroom Spores Syringe Alcohol Prep Pads Isopropyl Alcohol 91% Disinfectant Spray Latex Glove Surgical Mask (Recommended) Lighter Cardboard Piece [More]
How to grow your Copelandia Magic Mushroom using one of the Copelandia Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. We have three different strains of Copelandia available on our website: This mushroom strain is 5 times stronger [More]
What’s up all you growers and smokers today we see week 3 of our magic mushroom grow
NEW Rye Spawn Jars NEW Spawn Jar Lids Join our Patreon to support future projects! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Part 1 – Preparing and Sterilizing Your Spawn Part 2 – Inoculation Part [More]