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Grow magic mushrooms very easy, it’s like Magic! All kind of P. Cubensis strains are available: B+, Cambodian, Amazonian PES and much more shroom kits.
This is a beginner’s guide to identifying magic mushrooms found in northern NSW and south east Queensland. this video attempts to clarify some of the misconceptions about dealing with these mushrooms and gives some simple [More]
Slideshow of my first attempt on growing psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Music by Søvnigt Sind. Grow guide soon on www.shamanplants.dk update 28/03/07: For more music by Sövnigt Sind, go to http://soevnigtsind.mymusic.dk (the site is in danish [More]
http://MagicMushroomMastery.com is is a high yield and easy to follow guide to learn how to grow magic mushrooms. Check our site for customer reviews. -In this video I compare our technique to the popular PF [More]
~ all business inquires – WillyMycoManagement@gmail.com ~ In this video I show you how to spawn grains or brf to bulk substraight. you can use trays or a monotub. You can use multiple kinds of [More]
Chapter 1: Getting started with BRF cakes Chapter 2: Casing layer Prep Chapter 3: Steps to perfect grain spawn Chapter 4: Rye grass seed prep Chapter 5: grain to grain tranfers Chapter 6: Let’s do [More]
How to Grow Magic Mushrooms (Full Guide)