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Human consciousness won an unparalleled victory in Denver, Colorado yesterday with new legislation regarding psilocybin (magic) mushrooms. As of May 8, 2019, it is no longer illegal to possess or use mushrooms in the city. [More]
Psilocbin: Terence McKenna’s Magic Mushroom Growers Guide. Pdf video copy of public domain material for educational purposes.
Simple tutorial on how to grow most mushrooms in a monotub design. This is the method we use but this is not the only or most effective, just our own design. Enjoy! *For Gourmet/Culinary/Mycology purposes [More]
In this video we take our fully colonized spawn jars and transfer them to a mini mono-tub!
*THIS IS NO DRUG PROMOTION. VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL POURPOSES ONLY.* Hi, enjoy a closer look at our wonderful little McKennas 🙂 This sort is quite potent and they keep growing. I have cultivated a [More]
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Shop my merchandise and my paintings: (E-shop is almost done, comming soon) *NO DRUG PROMOTION, EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, HARM REDUCTION* Hi, welcome to my channel. Enjoy the closer look and the fiber-like structure of my [More]
The visionaries behind the “grow your own” mushroom kits are launching an awesome new product! DNews drops by their Oakland, CA. headquarters for a sneak peek. Order a mushroom kit here: http://store.backtotheroots.com/product_p/mushroom-kit.htm Preorder a Home [More]
Terence goes deep into a rap about mushrooms, covering lots of different aspects.