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Before I knew what ordinate was and you how to grow mushrooms. Click the link below to get the book. https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Mushroom-Growers-Guide-hands/dp/1974289699 Dowin Gardner
In this video we grow some tasty, delicious mushrooms from the beginning to the end all in one video that syringe we used was a gourmet mushroom spore syringe that we ordered from premiumspores.com
This video shows the steps to properly inoculate (begin spawning). Entire process is now posted to the channel. **Supplies Needed** -Grain Spawn- $7 each https://www.shroomsupply.com/grain-spawn/sterilized-substrate-organic-rye-berries -Syringe with spore and water solution- $20 each -Different strains [More]
-This video is for bulk spawn grows (rye and substrate), not cakes- 1) Spawn Production- 0:14 2) Colonization Period- 4:33 3) Fruiting Stage- 8:08 4) Harvest, Dehydration, Storage- 10:22 **Supplies** -Grain Spawn- $7 each https://www.shroomsupply.com/grain-spawn/sterilized-substrate-organic-rye-berries [More]
This is the second video to my series, thanks for watching. Any tips/tricks/info is appreciated!
this video documents growing cubensis shrooms from the beginning all the way to the end supplies: -clear plastic bin(for the fruiting stage) -1/2 pint jars. make sure it doesnt have a shoulder so the cake [More]
panaleous and psilocybe both at same place at distance 2 m far from each other. So this is another proof that these magic are found every where just need hard dedication searcing it.
A presentation on a less used recipe of the PF Tek mushroom growing method.
Austin police say the home is located close to a daycare.
Medicinal magic mushrooms growing in a 53 qt monotub on coco coir and vermiculite substrate over the course of 7 days… SONG: CINEMA – YOUTH http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1216998199?ls=1&app=itunes