⇒Dios. ¡Estos niveles fueron difíciles y desesperantes! Tres niveles estresantes con la compañía de una Imimomia. NUNCA LOS VOLVERÉ A JUGAR: https://twitter.com/Sergio_Yoshi/status/627152068478767108 Los 3 niveles del tercer capítulo del libro extra “Los desafíos de las [More]
Highly active and organized within the community his entire life.
On the eleventh episode of the Help Find The Others podcast we take a deeper dive into Rubin’s New Year’s Day Psilohuasca Trip. We thought that although we created video documentation of the experience, that [More]
Mike co-founded Float House in Vancouver with his brother Andy. Their company sells time in sensory deprivation tanks aimed at re-focusing our minds, and relaxing the body. We talk about the benefits of this practice, [More]
Medicines of Deep Remembering an interview with Oliver OliverThis week, Oliver talks with Joanna about the process of remembering who we really are with the help of “psilohuasca”, a combination of mushrooms and a MAO [More]
Caitlin creates supplements to help people regulate their state of mind with her company EntheoZen. We talk about the balancing act between physical and mental states, and how products like hers work in the body. [More]
An in-depth examination into how the LDS Church is using its power to control the medical marijuana market in Utah. In this video we interview Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes. Libertas President Connor Boyack and [More]
Subscribe for more self actualization videos! ► https://youtube.com/betweenthelinesanimations Subscribe to the newsletter here: https://www.betweenthelines.media/youtube This video covers what happens in your brain chemically when you take psychedelics. Be it LSD, Psilocybin or DMT. Here’s what [More]
Chi from Truffles Therapy stops by Synchronicity to discuss Psilocybin in Amsterdam and a whole lot more. Welcome Synchronicity’s new sponsor Four Sigmatic! Get 15% Off your entire order when you go to https://foursigmatic.com/SYNC I’ve [More]