Valencia High’s Kai Wingo raced to a state-leading time in the 800-meter run in winning the Division 1 title at the CIF-SS Finals. He holds a great perspective on competing. Check out his interview with [More]
Parallels between the idea of a mythical alchemical transmutation, with its spiritual subtext, and the profound transformation of human consciousness that can be catalysed through the use of psychedelic substances are intriguing. Recently, a DMT [More]
Valencia senior Kai Wingo has been so impressive in the final lap in recent 800m outings. This time, he used that powerful kick to win the Mt. SAC Relays in a state-leading 1:52.11! Here’s his [More]
Filmed at Breaking Convention: 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, 10-12th July, 2015 This presentation would normally include a slideshow.
In response to a question on macrodosing, Igor Kufayev speaks on the effect hallucinogenic substances have on our body. Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz. October 2018.
This episode not only discusses the power of psilocybin to help us develop the skill of confident vulnerability but also what such a psychedelic lesson might mean for masculinity in the cultural context of inner-city [More]
His personal experience with psychedelics or entheogens. SupaNova Slom shares his gut truth comparison of ayahuasca sessions versus an egotistic and arrogant approach to taking an extreme amount or “heroic” dose, 15-28 grams of “shrooms.” [More]
Wai’s talk will explore the important role that psychedelic and entheogenic substances have played historically and in more recent times, as well as journeying into the exciting future of psychedelia. Wai will cover things from [More]
We showcase a manual for exploring the use of psychedelic substances in the contexts of spirituality, self-transformation, healing, and magic use. This includes understanding the issues addiction, legality, dosage, and even finding the right community [More]