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Subscribe for more self actualization videos! ► https://youtube.com/betweenthelinesanimations Subscribe to the newsletter here: https://www.betweenthelines.media/youtube This video covers what happens in your brain chemically when you take psychedelics. Be it LSD, Psilocybin or DMT. Here’s what [More]
Chi from Truffles Therapy stops by Synchronicity to discuss Psilocybin in Amsterdam and a whole lot more. Welcome Synchronicity’s new sponsor Four Sigmatic! Get 15% Off your entire order when you go to https://foursigmatic.com/SYNC I’ve [More]
Mike Crowley – Were Mushrooms a Women’s Secret? Filmed as part of the psychedelic history symposium at Breaking Convention 2015.
Let’s Play MARIO & LUIGI: ZUSAMMEN DURCH DIE ZEIT / PARTNERS IN TIME [ Blind | German / Deutsch | 1080P HD | 60 FPS ] Part 45: Shroob-Ufos abknallen per Laserstrahl GEFÄLLT DIR, WAS [More]
¡BIENVENIDOS AL PEOR CANAL DE LA HISTORIA HASTA EL DÍA DE HOY, DONTOMASGAMER! **MIS DIRECTOS** ► http://www.twitch.tv/dontomasgamer **REDES SOCIALES** ► http://www.twitter.com/DonTomasGamer ► https://www.instagram.com/dontomasgamer/ **MI PC** ► Placa: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master ► Procesador: Intel core [More]
¡CHACHIGUERAAAA! Suscríbete! ►https://goo.gl/sy5G7s E-mail: barbillaciaresponde@gmail.com Twitch: Barbillaycia Twitter: @Barbillacia Instagram: barbillaycia ID PS4: Instvan CA Switch: 1146-4623-2136 Grupo google +: Fuerza Barbilla Nuestro correo físico: Barbilla&Cia Apartado postal 1078 08902 Hospitalet de llobregat Barcelona
Racing DISNEY PIXAR CARS – RADIATOR SPRINGS GRAND PRIX on the wii with my dad. The race is between LIGHTNING and MATER.
Nouveau let’s play sur Paper Mario: Sticker Star ! Le jeu est sorti il y a plus d’un an déjà mais il s’agit d’un de mes jeux préférés de la console et je voudrai montrer [More]
Here I talk about entheogens and alternatives to them. Become a patron for extra content: www.patreon.com/witchandmoon Follow me on tumblr: witchandmoon.tumblr.com Follow me on instagram: witchandmoon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witchandmoon Follow me on twitter: @MaggieElram
Main Speakers Omolewa – Women & Entheogenic Healing My mission is to restore the culture of birth through ancient wisdom and entheogenic practices. Psilocybin can play a vital role in the processes of conscious procreation [More]