Seminar is called ‘Language About The Unspeakable’. Terence McKenna playlist:
ERIE presents: Mushrooms and Entheogenic Transhumanism (part 1) with Kilindi Iyi, April 2016 in Oakland, CA. This talk will explore how organic psychedelics can be used to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness. By [More]
Rens Polman has experienced the negative effects of magic mushrooms in the other video. Therefore Nellie Benner tells you the do’s and don’ts to reduce the risks. USE: Are you about to try magic mushrooms? [More]
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‘Teonanácatl’ Psilocybin-containing “Magic Mushrooms” History and modern use; from Central America to British Columbia presentation by Paul Kroeger at the 2012 Vancouver Mushroom show by the Vancouver Mycological Society Link to Paul Kroeger’s book: The [More]
contact – IG – Support this Channel – Harm Reduction:……… I meant to find Catawba Falls, but stumbled upon the unmarked “Daniel’s Trail” instead. I ate 3 grams [More]
Interested in magic mushroom identification? Shroom hunter 101 is the first video in the shroomhunter video course, and is designed to introduce the novice shroom hunter to the basics of field identification. Shroomhunter 101 focuses [More]
Documentary: Identification. the hunt for mushrooms. Psilocybe semilanceata also known as Liberty Caps or Magic Mushrooms grow freely in the UK, although they are illegal (since 2005). This documentary shows you how to find and [More]
Maria Farinacci presenting at the 2014 Radical Mycology Convergence. More info at: ” This workshop will describe many of our fungal allies for medicine. Topics include which mushrooms are medicinal, how are mushrooms [More]