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Magic mushrooms have been around for a long time, but two studies are shedding new light on how they affect your mind and what they can be used for. ————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: [More]
Recorded in 2012 at KOWA in Olympia, WA
Our guest for this episode, Kilindi Iyi is a martial arts expert, a (medicinal and culinary) mushrooms grower, and a psychedelic activist challenging the status quo with an outspoken, brazen courage. He joins us on [More]
For the full episode and show notes, see: http://bengreenfieldfitness.com/mckenna When it comes to plant based medicine, my guest on today’s podcast is widely considered to be a groundbreaking pioneer. His name is Dennis McKenna. Dennis’s [More]
During the program of Psymposia at Beyond Psychedelics 2016 conference Kilindi Iyi joined the stage and shared his own psychedelic story. Kilindi Iyi is the head instructor and technical advisor of Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. [More]
This talk by mycologist Paul Stamets on psilocybin mushrooms was filmed in Telluride, Colorado on August 30, 1998. It was recorded by Preston Enright
Nellie Benner eats magic truffles (psilocybin). Truffles are underground mushrooms that look and smell nutty acid. After eating the truffle Nellie thoroughly enjoy its intense trip. USE: – You can eat truffles, smoke (only if [More]
Psilocybe cubensis spores are widely sought after items in the mushroom cultivation world, and for microscopy identification purposes. In this video we document many of the psilocybe cubensis strains (not all), that source of spores [More]