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Overview of doing a Montotub or Bulk grow. Break up spawn bags and add casing mix. Advanced growing method made simple!
This class is a beginner’s guide to growing & wildcrafting medicinal mushrooms. John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi shares his vast knowledge during this class from the Porcupine Freedom Festival. If you always wanted to learn [More]
Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jameswjesso I’ve been experimenting with microdosing for about 2 years. It has been one of the more important personal growth and mental health practices I have had on hand in that time. [More]
Super mario bros family guy edition I think you’ll like it. Please subscribe mine and I’ll subscribe yours thank you.
Wiltshire Police Magic Mushroom Squad on BBC TV West
Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms that occur naturally in the environment. In Queensland, the two most common species of magic mushrooms are Psilocybe cubensis (“gold tops”) and Copelandia Cyanescens (“blue meanies”), and they appear during [More]
JRE #1035 – Paul Stamets (author of Mycelium Running and The Mushroom Cultivator) recounts his very first mushroom trip on the Joe Rogan Experience.