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Identifying a Florida Gulf Coast Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom found in the wild.
Having Depression is tough, but what if Magic Mushrooms can cure it? Today we talk about an amazing new scientific breakthrough and how the government is taking a radical new approach to mushrooms. Enjoy! – [More]
If you are struggling with varying degrees of anxiety, I highly recommend downloading this FREE “5 Anxiety Hacks” report. Get your FREE copy at http://saeedmobayed.com/5-anxiety-hacks Humans are creatures of Habit. Learn how to develop the [More]
TJ Travis, Filmmaker, Voyager, Multi-Instrumentalist. Expressing the use of psychedelics for new methods of perceiving ourselves and the world around us. Look out for my new DMT documentary and Psychedelic Rock project Shamanic. Twitter: @sanchosway [More]
My first time ever using magic mushrooms, I did three grams on my own in my bedroom, here’s what happened. Find me on instagram: @rachelthepython Time Stamps: 3:16 Footage from come up 4:45 How much [More]
In recent years researchers have discovered therapeutic uses for psilocybin mushrooms where the results have been extraordinary. Kevin Matthews of Decriminalize Denver joins me to discuss these findings, current law, and what the law should [More]
Magic mushrooms, mushies, booms, and shrooms are all nicknames for the psychedelic mushrooms that can be found worldwide which contain hallucinogenic active ingredients, particularly psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen with various other properties. In addition to [More]
Zoe Helene of Cosmic Sister comes on the show to talk about Psychedelic Feminism THIS EPISODE WAS SPONSORED BY THE SPIRIT PLANT MEDICINE CONFERENCE,  NOV. 2-4TH VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA. Check them out here: https://lt352.isrefer.com/go/SPMC/jameswjesso/ ❤️ [More]
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