This video is about growing (edible and legal) mushrooms at home: mushroom’s spores inoculation into WBS (wild bird seeds) and spawn (WBS+spores-mycelium) incubation, in order to grow mycelium indeed. Mycelium is the main mushroom’s organ: [More]
This is the PF tek using brf (brown rice flower and verm.. The recipe is 1/2 verm 1/4 brf and 1/4 water per jar. This video will teach you how to grow your very own [More]
In this video, I describe my experience and beliefs related to taking psilocybin magic mushrooms (shrooms) while being diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one. Check out RetroCat | Unique Design Clothing for Women and Men. Terence McKenna speech – Communicating with the Mushroom! ————————————————————— Art Credits: —————–Terence McKenna——————- 1)This video has no negative impact on the [More]
This extremely potent magic mushroom grows in fir and alder wood chips and also growing in sandy soils –naturally– along coastlines of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon preferring sanding, grassy soils shaded by pines. With [More]
A cool foggy 7 day time lapse of our half pint substrate jars fruiting. The jars were dunked for 20 hours and vermiculite was added to both sides. Mushroom Growing Guide. hrough the process of learning how to grow mushrooms, I made many mistakes, but has also gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Mushroom Growing Guide, mushroom-growth, shitake-mushrooms, expensive-mushrooms, shiitake-mushroom, mushroom-garden, [More]
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Overdosing, expanding your horizons and waking up in an empty world – like all psychedelics, magic mushrooms despite all of their incredible benefits can be dangerous to some people. After almost 4 years of experience [More]