What role can psychedelics play in the mental health of cancer patients? And how does mental health impact quality of life? Alyson Moadel-Robblee, Director of Psychosocial Oncology Program and Founding Director of Bronx Oncology Living [More]
An absolute pleasure to share another conversation with the one and only Kilindi Iyi. Kilindi Iyi is the head instructor and technical adviser of Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. A world traveller and mycologist, Kilindi has [More]
This video is for educational purposes and does not promote the sales of any products. There are no restrictions in Canada on the possession & consumption of fresh psilocybin mushrooms. It’s also legal to purchase [More]
Santa Cruz is on track to become the third city in the country to decriminalize psychedelic plants. Kiet Do reports. (11-14-19)
This is not to encourage anyone in the dreaming community to consume psychedelics to achieve lucid dreams or out-of-body experiences. But as the discussion often comes on the table and many individuals such as Terrence [More]
I do not advocate or condone the use of illegal substances. This video is for informative and educational purposes. In this video I discuss several major mysteries about extremely high dose psilocybin experiences. I talk [More]
This video takes you from starting with a single spore syringe, and multiplying that 1 syringe into 10, then using those new syringes to inoculate 5 PastyPlates, 2 big BRF cakes/jars and huge BRF cake [More]
WHY BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE SHROOMS (MAGIC MUSHROOMS/PSILOCYBIN) Follow me on IG: Instagram.com/TheBlackMedusa CASH APP: $TheBlackMedusa Take a journey with Angie X as we delve deep into a very taboo topic in the African-American community…Psilocybin…The [More]
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