My Psychedelic Mushrooms Experience – The Good and Bad

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I’ve been sitting on this video for a while, working up the courage to share this very personal story about my first two trips on Magic Mushrooms. My first trip was AMAZING and I learned a lot. My second trip was TERRIBLE and I learned EVEN MORE.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage the usage of these mind altering substances as the can be dangerous and they are illegal in many countries. However, if one chooses to use them I encourage you to do your research on how to use psilocybin mushrooms properly. Watch this video so you learn from my victories and you learn from my failures. I hope to give you a balanced perspective helping you to understand the benefits and dangers of this substance. I hope video serves you. Much love.


Much love to you all and thanks for watching!




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Michele Siciliano says:

Love ur delivery thx for sharing plez tell more❤️

john herrmann says:

Yes, mind set and setting are very important! Nice vid, thanks for sharing!

MrsPeace2U says:

Thanks for sharing.

max army says:

Lucid dreaming is very like a shroom trip I don't know why but it weird. One of the Best mushroom video I ever saw btw thank to shared it and I will apreciate to see your other trip report. Sorry for my english Im speaking french.

Chris Bower says:

Joyful music is beautiful while trippin

SpartaChef says:

Woah.. thats crazy. But things happen ! keep it up <3

Moises Florez says:

Gordon Xavier, much love and affection. Thank you very much for sharing. I really loved how you finished your video by reminding us of who we really are. It really hit a chord with me. You have been an inspiration to me with your example of service. Respectfully, I don't know if you have read it, but the Urantia Papers really give you a road map of who we are and our ultimate destiny as spiritual beings, from the angelic revelatory perspective. You might find context to what you have witnessed on your travels. Keep up the good work and God speed on your journey.

Dèdo Riascos says:

Omg!!! Man you were talking about realities and feeling energies along with the perception of time, I experienced all of that and then some! The kicker is I experienced this sober! I've been trying to look for experiences on here to relate to what I went through and I finally found it!

Tillis Ward says:

Gordon I've always admired your energy and information. I've done shrooms one time before and the experience TRULY was eye opening for me. In do time I want to travel to Paru for a full on shamonic ayahuasca plant medicine ceramony! If you have any experiences with I'd LOVE to here about it. BTW there has been a shift of energy in the atmosphere and with the planets. I have been feeling the change and I hope its treating the well as way.

Brandon B says:

Awesome report bro! I, being an African American have internalized racism after moving to a predominantly white state. And this seriously affected my self esteem and confidence, but after doing shrooms I felt the most bliss and comfort in my own skin in a long time. It was as if all my insecurities and fears became separate from me and my true self was able to shine through. I was able to observe all of them but they didn’t have a negative effect on me. I absolutely love shrooms and will continue to heal with them so one day I can start my own business as well. Peace and love brother.

MrOAKIL246 says:

Wow, I feel like I went on the trip with you by the way you told the story. Through all the terror and past demons, the ending coming back around to " I remembered who I was" was beautiful G. Please let us know about your most recent experience when you can. I'm looking forward to it!

iiciic iiciic says:

Thanks for openly sharing your experience and opinions on the topic of psychedelics. I myself believe I gained a lot of wisdom from having done a psychedelic in specific. That psychedelic was weed, it gave me new insights and a greater ability to empathize. My experiences with weed involved visuals, obe's, and perceptual distortions (the experiences I am referring to). So yeah, I gained a lot of wisdom (relative to before) overall in the long run from the realizations and change in perception stemming from my experiences with weed. It is as if psychedelic really crack open the third eye quickly if done right with the right mentality. And I would agree with you on your thought on pharmeceutical companies; they do not want people to get well. They want money, they don't really actually care about peoples well being. They will try to make illegal any drugs they can't really profit off of that cure people of certain undesireable conditions.

UniversalJamarr says:

Much love and blessings to you Gordan. You and some other crucial youtubers played a big part in my awakening a few years back. Sheesh still do thanks brother! <3

Snail Horseplay says:

Awesome story my dude… would you ever consider taking more?

Mia Mohač says:

wow! thank you for this!

Darrion Moore says:

Daaaaaamnn Mann!! Thank you for that experience!! God I loved it. I feel like I was there! Yeah I tripped on 5gs listening to trrrance McKenna, I figured I was ready because I know my mind well enough so I feel exactly where you were bro.

lovelightlife says:

Please. I have been watching your videos for years and I love them. I only have a small channel so far but I’d love to do a collab with you. Because you just have a great views and experiences that match my own and I’d love to get into it with you in some videos for your channel and mine. Thanks for your awesomeness. I look forward to your reply.

lovelightlife says:

I love how you say a seeker of answers not the seeker of truth. There are many answers and many truths but if you look for THE truth it is elusive. Looking for answers is satisfying because we know there are always answers.

eee wee see says:

I love mushrooms. Ate 5 grams today. I hiked in the woods and swam in the springs. They directly connect you to nature and your true self. They are a major tool in creating a conscious society.

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