Taking 10g of Magic Mushrooms LIVE – 'Godly Dose'

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Jill P. says:

I think you handled yourself extremely well. Talk about showing psychological resilience. Can't wait for the trip report.

Kestel Van Der Mescht says:

This was epic, started from start to finish and really glad you ended it when you did to give yourself time to just let it take you away to the places we love. I'm sure you will but please do a trip report, there were times there you were talking to the entity and I'd love to know what that was after you've processed it all.

Los Super Video Jugadores says:

Hey! I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and I really love the vibe you transmit. In a few days I'm going to the Netherlands to try the magic truffles and as a first time user with psylocibin (I've done lsd once) I'm just not sure of what dosage to take. I've been told that 10-15g of fresh Atlantis truffles. If you have some insight about it let me know! :). Keep up the good work man. Love your content

Noah Draughon says:

How did i just miss this?!?!?!?!

Mark Carreon says:

What strain is this I took 20 grams of psilocybin tampansis which was an awesome experience. I also took 5 another time and just feel annoyed with my own thoughts.

Kane Whitehead says:

10 grams!…Damn, 3 grams was enough for me to bring me to my knees, can't imagine what 10 grams is like.

Georgie says:

How do you feel right now?

Nick Nac says:

Bong cleaner?


Jebany patol

Colin Maydahl says:

1:51:30 he is all the way in the pool

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