Mushroom Spawning Production: Inoculation of Grain Spawn Guide

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This video shows the steps to properly inoculate (begin spawning). Entire process is now posted to the channel.
**Supplies Needed**
-Grain Spawn- $7 each
-Syringe with spore and water solution- $20 each
-Different strains of any type of mushroom can be found online
-Small room with minimal air flow
-Cleaner and disinfectant wipes- $15
-Sterile gloves- $5
-Alcohol wipes- $10
-Holding Chamber: see 0:33
-Plastic bins with lids, found mine at Walmart- $15
-Metal/Glass baking sheet to place the heat pad on (avoids possible fire hazard)- $10
-Heat pad and thermometer+hygrometer- $40
-small reptile terrarium heating pads found in most pet stores will work
-Thermometer/Hygrometer, including one in video, can also be found in pet stores
-Optimal temperature: 75-80° Fahrenheit. The grain spawn in bags create their own internal heat 2-4° higher than chamber heat so do not exceed 81° in holding chamber
-Watch temperatures closely!! Exceeding 96°F+ could kill spore growth
-Alcohol Burner (prefered) or lighter for needle steralization- $12
-Paper Towels- $5

**Recommended for beginners: -Mushroom Cultivation Kit- version A+ –$49
-Includes: Grain Spawn, Bulk Substrate, Gloves, Alcohol Wipes, 2 filter patch mycobags for substrate, tubbing with bag clamp for seal, and casting mixture

*Later items in upcoming videos:
-Bulk Substrate- $22 per 5lb
-Will need approximately 2.5lbs substrate per 1lb spawn grain
-Fluorescent light bulb for fruiting stage- $10

___Estimated Total Cost: $160___

Complete Written Guide:


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Anybody know of any good videos on a good substrate

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