Jordan Peterson – The Mystery of DMT and Psilocybin

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Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson talks about the mystical experience people tend to have after taking substances like Ayahuasca. These experiences can result in permanent personality transformations. But why?

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Brad Ellison says:

I asked this guy from Guyana about ayahuasca, he said they took something seems like it started with a c , before they went hunting and they would see the animals from over the trees in the jungle

Jslayallday92 S says:

Wtf none of my professors were ever like this open in discussion, I’d be raising my hand left and right.

Russ Rasmussen says:

Good for the two students who walked out on this idiotic professor acts like he's spun on meth

Arco says:

i wonder if dmt wake up some wisdow inside us or is a communication is amazing anyway

Melissa Miller says:

I just randomly click on his videos, and I've never been disappointed.

Jasper Newcomb says:

Mushrooms made me feel like the big snake was wrapped around me squeezing the crap out of me in spaced out contractions. I might have done too much idk but it was really intense while it lasted. We used to get "mescaline" which was really some kind of speed the King of Lsd was making at the time, colors were vivid, general sense of well being, enhanced sensory perception, it was really good nice and mellow. Then there was LOVE SAVES which was the best LSD ever made in my opinion, Owsley who said it was so potent if you were in a bad mood when you made it that would ruin it. But as far as tripping went OMG you could close your eyes and it was like watching a techno colored kaleidoscope with the colors and patterns moving and changing only you couldn't keep your eyes shut they were spring loaded. So many cool things would be happening all around you it was incredible, curtains blowing and billowing and the windows were shut. The patterns were every where moving even moving your hand would cause tracers. Then you look at the clock and realize only a minute has went by and tripping lasted hours. It made me feel connected to everything I wish I had some but the older you get the more it takes out of you to be that high. But it's not for everybody its kinda like the broccoli rule. Some people like it some people can't stand it. I hate it myself but at the end of the day we all have to make those judgements for ourselves or you end up living in a fucked up world where Government assumes it has a right to decide shit that it has no right to decide but that's the what does the foundation of our Republic stand on class…..

Vance Biondo says:

Use the word DMT to make somone believe drugs . Are somehow connected . No drugs .

Thomas Ackerly says:

Joe Rogan has entered the chat

Anthony Croteau says:

This guy is a retard

3245james says:

3:48 Too much truth for that girl. My parents behave the same way when I bring them factual information about drugs too.

Ben26436 says:

You don't do DMT. DMT does you

Druskee says:

His students are so lucky.

edword wretch says:

No more DMT 4 u JPeterson..we were monkeys in trees with snakes…haha dat funny…not the tree of life , Lucifer heaven hell, other dimensions , underworld red pill rabbit hole monkeys in trees is why….lol

Rose White says:

the drugs lower the resistance of the mind and allow demons to enter and fill it with false beliefs.
But as no-one believes in demons except Christians no-one believes the truth but prefer Peterson's prattlings …he sounds like a 70's movie.

Reaper_ExD says:

Everything he's saying here is true. There is something out there we can commune with by using these substances properly and safely. These entities are not malicious, at least not the ones i met, and they teach you reality shattering truths specific to you and only you. It's a strange comfort this stuff brought me. Thank you for bringing this lecture to the fore, both to this channel and Mr. Peterson

James Park says:

Jordan peterson: have you heard of psychedelics
Joe rogan: hold my dmt

Janjão Jonata says:

6:45 It can be viewed that way. However we can also see this another way…
The right side has non-matching coloured houses.
The other is all green, except for one cut down tree.

So JP is wrong in assuming that. It's not as clear to pick that side.

Muddy Witch says:

You ought to have a conversation with Graham Hancock (author Keeper of Genesis for one.) He could tell you all about these shamanistic experiences first hand. He would blow your mind with his experiences.

Janjão Jonata says:

6:15 we can't be sure of that.
Trees, ok. But snakes.. there are and were other animals and insects.
And no, don't argue that snakes were the worse.

Scott Andrews says:

“You NEVER show up late for a Jordan Peterson class.” Abraham Lincoln

Liam O’Neil says:

Never done dmt but I’ve done mushrooms a bunch of times, maybe 25-30, never had a bad experience, the euphoric feelings last for a good while afterwards, and you really do look at things differently afterwards, while on them all the social stigmas completely dissolve, you don’t give a shit what people think about your appearance, you don’t care how what you say or do is going to be interpreted by others, you simply just exist in a distorted reality… I’ve never seen anything that wasn’t actually there, but everything has a sort of ripple or wave like distortion to it, everything’s in subtle motion… I’ve always wondered if this is how things actually are, but sober we just can’t perceive it, like infrared light or radio waves, and the shrooms enhance our ability to pick up on all the energy around us, or if we’re just fucked up lol… things seem brighter and more alive, and nothing matters, your literally just enjoying existing in this magical beautiful vibrant world where everything’s alive and in motion… I’d suggest everybody do it but I feel as tho our society and economy may collapse afterwards when everyone stops buying shit and decides they want to live in the woods lol

Yusuf Fusuy says:

I hope dr Peterson’s son lives a good life

070agga says:

girl at 1:00 : OK ima gonna try this right now..bye

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