Magic Mushrooms, Microdosing & Ego Death

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In this video I share a bunch of comments from my latest experiments in regards to Magic Mushrooms, Microdosing & Ego Death!

I’ve found comments to be rather egotistical when others are challenging people sharing their experiences with mushrooms to do more or much larger doses by pressuring them. In general I don’t feel that these people are getting the full value and lesson the mushrooms provide which I break down in detail in this video!

What do you think about my opinion on this?
Let me know by leaving a comment down below!
Also, have you ever experimented with Mushrooms or Microdosing in the past?
I’d love to hear your experiences as well!
Leave me a comment below about your experiences with psychedelics & microdosing!!!

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David York Münster says:

….. we are waking up thank you!

Staf says:

Shocking, fancy people looking down on others because of dosage. It's sort of like people looking down on others because of their body mass index…

claudia salazar says:

Totally agree. We have no information about other people's life and situation and mindset so we can't push anyone into doing it or doing more. I believe that the intentions and the mindset that everyone has for doing this will have a major impact on the results they'll have with the substance. Is so powerful but we need to be open and do the mental work for it to have a significant change. Otherwise is just to escape or to have fun for a while without understanding the power that it has. And that can be very dangerous once it's legal and more easy to find and , if we're not careful, it can be the sixties all over again. We need to do it more conscious and be more self-aware and we definitely need less ego in the world.

N/A N/A says:

I think your critical analysis of the comment section was accurate. However, I don't think the only reason, why people value high dosage, is to gloat. I think there can be many reasons why people value a high doesage. Some people want to encourage taking, a ridiculous amount of mushrooms, purly because of the entertainment factor they get out of seeing someone 'messed up'. Some people are drug dealers and encourage high consumption because it means they can sell more product. Some people are manipulated into thinking that taking a high dosage is the only way to truly experience mushrooms. I really appreciate your analysis because I feel like your helping people to discover their own opinion rather than pushing your own personal truth/bias.

Mark Sanchez says:

Took mushrooms one time, was in a completely new setting and with someone I did not trust. Only took 2 gs but I completely underestimated the substance, I’m bipolar depressant so that honestly didn’t help with the situation, couldn’t handle the dark thoughts racing in my mind but I were racing through my mind. It was a horrible experience but I learned to integrate it it into my life and it has been helpful. I definitely would do mushrooms again if I was in the right environment with the right people

Mike Smith says:

I did a stupid thing after 20 years of not doing them i ate 7 grams I thought i was going to die and i used to do them a lot i was blind for a while while tripping just a living hell during the trip but people should never tell people to take more shrooms than needed .

hans yolo says:

Love the vids but u gotta trip outside more in nature!!

PaPa RaMs says:

Respect to you for your journey, but objectivity is impossible, you can only ever be subjective. Good work. 🙂

Gmo Gomez says:

Has anybody ever heard of or actually hit The Black Hole?

Tree High Camp says:

Only thing I disagree with is you saying that there is no ego in all these things you're doing to improve yourself.. You said I repeatedly, you said you're willing to do what you have to do to get what you want. By wanting and it being for you, that is intrinsically pure ego. The ego is natural.. There will always be an ego and the goal isn't to dissolve it, the goal is to be aware of it and keep it in check. It exists for a reason, we just have to make sure we're working together, instead of us working for it..

Joaao vitor S says:

It's so sad to see that these people taking mushrooms and continuing to be blind. Thinking they're better than others because of DOSAGE? That's the exact opposite of what you should be doing when you're into this stuff.

Gmo Gomez says:

After watching the whole video I absolutely agree with what you are saying. Those people you are talking about are pathetic because they want to take the shroomz to get fucked up when it's not a drug to take to get fucked up it's a drug that is important and a life enhancer.

Tazmen Roe says:

You did it wrong, if you want the full experience you should be meditating during the peaks.

Gmo Gomez says:

Lol at these people. Shroomz kill the ego so if these people really did take large doses like they go out of their way to say they did, they wouldn't have the need to talk about it in such an egotistical way.

blackbirdx7777 says:

Thumbs up if you saw the spit fly

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