Denver Shrooms Psilocybin mushrooms treat Addiction and Depression

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Denver Psilocybin Mushrooms treat Alcoholism Addiction and Depression, the who what when where and how
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ATTRIBUTION: The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering 2:00-2:20 TEDMED, Roland Griffiths, The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering, YOUTUBE, April 20 2016

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OPEN Foundation:

About this video: Denver Shrooms Psilocybin psilocibin mushrooms treat Alcoholism and Depression, that’s right, denver mushrooms treat alcoholism, mushrooms treats addiction, mushrooms treat depression. Then came sober james explains psychedelic mushrooms in colorado mushrooms magic mushrooms. alcohol use disorder. Magic Medicinal Mushrooms


Then Came Sober James says:

Denver decriminalized shrooms…what it means for we the addicts and alcoholics of the world.

Starchild says:

Love your shirt. Years ago when I took mushrooms & tried to drink alcohol on it I couldn't get the drink past my lips even trying to force it. My consciousness said it is "pure molten evil" and I felt the energy of it. Those are not words I would normally use so.

h7opolo says:

shrooms cured my chronic depression. The entire state of CA will follow suit, followed by Vermont and the blue states, i.e., the states with open-minded people willing to disrupt the status quo for the advancement of mankind.

h7opolo says:

your mediocre intelligence level is apparent by lack of understanding psychology, pharmacology, and pronunciation, but this was a heart-felt video with a unique take on the subject of Denver's decriminalization of shrooms.

Anna Kra says:

You should bring more guests on your show! That was fun!

Anna Kra says:

Nice! Lol I didn’t know my dad watches your channel!

Darnice Nyce says:

Psychiatrist Stanisloff Groff did much research with LSD before it became controlled years ago. He is still around and has written much about the healing process and his work. He has developed a method called holotropic breathwork which has the effect of LSD for the healing work but is legal and can be better controlled by the individual.

PavelBee says:

Thank you for the video

Good luck to you always !!!

Gem Gem says:

Wow. I would love to see this work for addictions and other conditions!

Paulie Pinch says:

I like the Tom Petty shirt!

tin man2 says:

Great stuff James. This is all cutting edge stuff i hear they are experimenting with this stuff to treat ptsd.

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