Growing Gourmet Mushrooms from Start to Finish (pf-tek)

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In this video we grow some tasty, delicious mushrooms from the beginning to the end all in one video

that syringe we used was a gourmet mushroom spore syringe that we ordered from


Matt Garcia says:

nice grow. awesome video! not many people showing start to finish like this.

prestige wolf says:

good job and congrats on getting your channel back

Chris Perez says:

are those Ecuador

YaBoiChris says:

hey can you send me the list of everything you need to grow "gourmet mushrooms" on like ig or sum??

Jinsou Productions says:

cant wait to cook mushroom soup

Stefan Placintescu says:

how many jars do you usually inoculate with one syringe?

Marcel Bell says:

Badass. Dudes

Lohi Onki Kala says:


高男春日 says:

Bon appetit.

Vince Meep says:

So your substrate was just brown rice flower, vermiculite and some water?

wildo says:

I see you took my advice and deleted the last one lol

Jimmy Kyles says:

Glad I subscribed, fuck YouTube. This is a great gourmet mushroom tutorial.

mrmartyd says:

On the off chance YouTube take this down again, go on to Google, seach for YouTube downloader and get this awesome vid for keeps.

Alex Ascencio says:

If YouTube takes you down again, where can we find you!

Decadent Dro702 says:

I know youtube took down the original and you guys are awesome and thank you for providing a service for the people who need to know how to grow these wonderful medicinal gourmet mushrooms. I suggest anyone who finds this information as important as I do should find a video downloading app to save this video

Dylan Thomas says:

How do these compare to picked mushrooms from cow shit

sprocaster says:

Amazing gourmet delicious mushrooms for amazing meals that will really knock your fuckin socks off..

Lil Twinkie says:

Good website trustworthy?

TexasTimelapse says:

Where is the tea video? Did fucking YouTube take it down?

illsithFN says:

Why did y’all re upload ?

Dr.Bubble Meltsalot says:

They are beautiful

Jessie Christ says:

Hey guys I have a few questions. After inoculation (after the spores have been inserted into the jars) what is the next step an prep? Should I leave the holes open or cover them (this is for the colonization period). On the same topic where should I store the colonizing jars? Should I store them in another sterile plastic bin in the dark or what? Thanks !

Jessie Christ says:

Thanks for the tutorial on how to grow gourmet mushrooms. Cant wait to make a good pasta thanks guys!!!

M says:

tyty fuck censorship

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