My Hero’s Dose of Magic Mushrooms Experience & How it Was Like Therapy

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I share my experience with taking a hero’s dose of psilocybin mushrooms & how therapeutic it was.


michaelklepacz says:

Oh hero dose. I have never done a tea ever. I just do a juice fast of veggies that day and avoid all complex meat based proteins and carbs. Then I will chew them and hold them in my mouth until they are well mashed and chase it with a high vitamin C juice, pomegranate or orange.

When hero.. Oh the ego death. I for sure do not recommend it lightly to anyone. my ego death is always the same. It always centers around my number one concern. The world that we are creating and have created. I always boil down back into a singular being and accept my role as God the creator in this universe and I acknowledge all of the fucker and I promise myself that when we start to build again tomorrow we will do it different. For me sometimes I need to be rescued from myself. I will keep my phone in my hammock while I walk around. I try to do it on full moons and I will sleep in the hammock. The last time I dosed it wasn't a hero but it was truffles, I am still processing it.

michaelklepacz says:

hippie woooo!!!

SgtSixkilla says:

I'm going to Amsterdam in a month to take psilocybin theraputically. I have no idea what to expect, and it's a bit daunting to think that I'll be trying a large dose, and trying psilocybin for the first time, alone in a different country. I'm grateful that I can see videos like this so that I can somewhat prepare for the experience beforehand.

Johnny Parker says:

Premium Bali leaf Kratom not the capsules or powder cured my anxiety, I tried everything. It’s also very spiritual. Your chakras get cleaned from it ❤️

Edward Wright says:

I so want to go where it's legal. I know it would help me a lot

Biggietheniggie says:

U legitimately make me mad as Fuck cuz ur ten out of ten fabricating

Fit Food And Art says:

Happy for you, very brave soul but that’s what it takes to be aligned with your soul. Have u tried ayahuasca??

Sean says:

Lovinnnggg youuuu is easy cause your beautifullll… do and do and do do dooo. Ahhhh

5 grams (lemon tek PE) made me dissapear into another realm and defintley had an ego death experience. Ended up naked in my closet and went from bawling my eyes out to hysterically laughing. Amazing experience.

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