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How to grow Psychedelic Mushrooms by the pound !!!

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Before I knew what ordinate was and you how to grow mushrooms.
Click the link below to get the book.
Dowin Gardner


Tracey Pendergast says:

Can I have your email address?

Nancy Rundquist says:

I miss seeing you make orgonite…

Lynsey B says:

Good 2 see u

Ideoform Sun says:

Your video is reversed left to right. The cover of the book appears like in a mirror.

milest6111 says:

Phenomenal!! Im glad to see yu doing well. I will def being purchasing a book

Undisputed Potency says:

Organite Austin , hey good to see ya , laughing and enjoying the outdoors ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex Legall says:

i've been waiting for you to upload a video and this is what you upload. omg. your hilarious.

WisdomTooth says:

Norah Jones in the Background <3

Sylver Santika says:

ah ha – now I know why you are so smart. <3

La Sparkyy says:

lol u made me cryyy , but i seeeeen how itll matter 100 years from now, wow dude

La Sparkyy says:

thank u oa. ur frigggin awesome man

Marcia D says:

Dowin, I know I've told you that it only rains on my house, and that I have the property gridded with a puck every 4', and a whole bunch of other orgone generators (btw, LOVING Slim Spurling's tensor rings!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7t6Sp22_HU ).

But now, my neighbor has become interested in why it only rains on my house (we live in a culdesac so its reeeeally obvious! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So she gridded a room in the back corner of her house and filled it with tensor rings and stones and essential oils.

Now when it rains on my house, it also rains on her house. But only on the back corner of the house!!!

I love it so much Dowin, thank you for starting me on my orgone generating journey. I have your picture on my bulletin board! I send you kisses…Muwaaaah!!!

Naughty Goy 8 says:

Helicopters over my house all day too

Bro T says:

just ordered I have misplaced my black sun like your wearing would love o get another

its smiller says:

Hello fellow Austinite! Hope your enjoying your summer

3TapSnu 0ut says:

"It only costs a nickel for the ferry" . . . instant gut laugh . . . . . . we don't name our coins in NZ.
I've no idea what an ordinate is either. Has it anything to do with your T-shirt? :)))
Lovely presentation. Ain't crazy great!

BiddieTube says:

There is a planet on the same orbit as earth, but is 180 degrees different in it's orbit. This makes it impossible to see from earth because the sun is always in the way. There is much evidence in this video that this video was videoed there. Research "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" for the details.

Nancy Rundquist says:

Love the song..norha jones

Wicked Weird says:

This is great man! More "beyond" videos please! Been meaning to pick up the science of rain for awhile guess I'll be getting both now. Much love my friend!

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