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Terence McKenna – All About Mushrooms

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Terence goes deep into a rap about mushrooms, covering lots of different aspects.


Dan Mel says:

Fungi broke down and ate rocks to help terraform the Earth so only eating decaying stuff and being young is actually the opposite.

Ava Sedna says:

Just know that some of this information is outdated!! The oldest mushroom ever found was found I think 450 million ya which was fossilized mycelium in lava deposits. Another old one was Prototaxites 420mya which was a HUGE mushroom on land from 1 meter reaching up to 8 METERS! Fungi were also the first land organisms and created the soil. Yes, they may come from outer space like mckenna suggests especially based up the chitinous spore structure and protection against UV rays. Personally, I really do believe psilocybin taps into the mycelial network of the Universe in which a galactic community communicates. But we must always look for more and more evidence to get to the truth

Philip at Tube says:

"If a buddhist could design their own genome, they would become a fungus, because a fungus is a primary decomposer, it’s the only karma-less place in the entire food-chain" !

Philip at Tube says:

What an unusual mind Mckenna had.

Your Mom says:

He says there is no karma for the fungi bc they don't kill or harm anything in the ecosystem, which is such a badass concept!! A completely karma-less being/entity/spirit/whatever you wanna call it, incredible! However, I'm curious and surprised I've never wondered this before, are we dealt a karmic debt within the cosmos bc WE are harming and killing the mushroom when consumed. Hmm. Thanks, as always, Mr. McKenna has left me intrigued and a little perplexed! Lol.

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