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I Vlogged my latest Magic Mushroom experience! What shrooms feel like…

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Come watch me on my latest psychedelic trip. I trip on Psilocybin Mushrooms and tell you all about my experience.

Have you tried any psychedelics before? Let me know in the comments below and tell me your experience. I’d love to know!

Hope you enjoyed this video – what was your favourite part? 🙂

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Like this comment if you've ever done any psychedelics before! 😛

TheProject says:

Smoking in public makes me paranoid. So I bet’d be on a whole nother level. I heard shrooms can cure GAD and depression though so I’m gonna try anyway. I also can’t have a trip sitter w me cuz I’m grounded indefinitely. Does talking to friends on the phone help? Any advice ?

MeFilms says:

Psychedelics can help with depression!

Utube Channel says:

Soooo you decide to trip near the edge of a cliff on the top of a mountain…

mr s says:

Lady you flailing your hands around the entire time you talk is very very distracting and quite frankly takes away from what you are trying to convey…not good or enjoyable

Ij Sed says:

don't open yourself to Devil..just warning.

Jailene Torres says:

i really wanna try shrooms but im also kind of an anxious person, any tips to stay calm during my trip to not make myself freak out?

Compassionate Living says:

Those sandwiches sound perfect

Jesse Delorme says:

Horrible explanation of the difference bewtween acid and shrooms, if anyone sees this watch, " the difference bewtween lsd and shrooms " by cg kid their nothing alike beside they make u trip

Jesse Delorme says:

Smoke dmt before u want to act like ur woke tho

Big Poppa says:

I don’t know how you managed a hike, when I’m on shrooms I can barely make it to the kitchen. Well at least on doses 3GS and higher I can’t haha.

Thriller Jay says:

I see these growing in my yard but I’m scared to take them because I’m not sure if it could be poisonous

MordecaiAliVanAllenO’Shea says:

So you forgot what direction you came from? Try taking more and forgetting who or what you are.

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