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Golden Teacher Time Lapse

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Hi, welcome to my channel.
Enjoy the closer look and the fiber-like structure of my Golden Teacher mushrooms. The purpose of this video to make sure that you can recognize the correct sort if you find them growing in nature.
Let me know how u liked my mushies grown in “captivity”. 🙂
Lots of love,


Formula Racing says:

Do you need to add water from day 1? And there also needs to be daylight (no direct sunlight) am I correct? Really hope they Will grow like yours do

narnik11 says:

How to understand when it is time to collect them? By time or by sight?

Ezo Cruisestar says:

Hey, for some reason I cant seem to email you, is katerina.riverside the full email address ?

Ezo Cruisestar says:

Hey there, is there some way I can message you privately as I am wanting to grow shrooms for the first time and I have a few questions

Sean Sullivan says:

What is the music you keep using in these vids? I really wanna know

Vidith Shankar says:

Wow nice… can't wait to see your website 🙂
Just a small tip, to minimize "side-pins" you can cover the insides of the tub with a black plastic bag which cuts off light which is one of the triggers for pinning.
So as the substrate cake starts producing mushrooms & shrinks the plastic cover shrinks with it eliminating "micro-climates" hence side-pins.
People do this so all the mushies grow from the top hence producing bigger flushes, there is nothing inherently wrong with side-pins.
Happy growing! 🙂

Rip says:

Nice katerina! Is this a new grow or an old one?

Thomas Mcdougall says:

Hi would you be interested in shearing just 1g of these I'm struggling right now with many depression issues

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