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Simple tutorial on how to grow most mushrooms in a monotub design. This is the method we use but this is not the only or most effective, just our own design. Enjoy!
*For Gourmet/Culinary/Mycology purposes only!*

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Maria Truthseeker says:

Everyone has their own little personal preferences for how to do it, and its very hard to prove if little differences are better or worse, but results speak for themselves. If anyone wants to see all steps in a single long video – check out:

SiX8NiNE Jay says:

Awesome ! I am about to spawn my first set of tubs. Quick question: I have 55qt tubs, how many 1lb bags of rye spawn should I use per tub? 2? 3?

Rain Bitcoins says:

New sub here… Keep making more vids

Gary Ballard says:

Man I'm just starting and was scared to try that I was just gonna do um in the bag haha.But I think I'll give bulk a try after watching this.

GarytheGreat says:

Awesome vid man, simple and straight to the point. I noticed you used 3 layers of separate mycelium rather than just one big layer, is there an added benefit to that?

Rapheal Lee says:

Great vid. Simple straight forward monotub. Very easy to follow

Logan Thompson says:

Very easy to read and to the points!

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