Hunting for Drugs in the Australian Bush

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The Australian bush is full of drugs, you just have to know where to look. We went foraging for naturally-occurring substances in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges.

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VICE says:

Sometimes you just gotta know where to look.

WATCH NEXT: Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia —

MakeYouSayWTF says:

hippy chopper read

col says:

What did one mushroom say to another? I'm a fun guy

col says:

First tree you see he goes into full Hoover mode

Futile Justice says:

What’s the best plant to grow to exstract Dmt in Australia

null says:

This episode is romantic but completed only by phony information

null says:

Did anyone notice he lied about MDMA being in Sassfras, went up to a random patch of grass and said it was Phalaris, and pointed up at the trees and said that's where you get DMT when there wasn't Acacias until later in the program? The only source he noted while viewing plants was a loosely understood military analysis of Eucalyptus Regnans for mescaline production… which may or may not be a real record.

null says:

I can't stress this enough, the grass at 3:00 is Dactylis Glomerata, not Phalaris Aquatica. And Safrole comes from sassafras and is the precursor for making MDMA and MDA there is no known MDA or MDMA in nature.

gravelyeti gravelyeti says:

you are awesome

greyhownd says:


Tasfoolia - pranks says:

All those souls who have not done MDMA is possibly a reason why there is still so much harm in this world.

Tasfoolia - pranks says:

The fucking machine system has made nature illegal and we say that we are a free country ….

Vaibhav Tanwar says:

DMT is a life molecule it is present in many ways in nature. While consuming different DMT from different plants we can talk to Forest Souls or the Tree Gods

Tommo land says:

I'd love to walk with him throughout the Bush we have lost so much knowledge

Compact_Pancake says:

The sheep run from sheep cops

Compact_Pancake says:

Oof I think he meant mda sassafrasss

Paxus says:

The thing to be very careful of is that those scientists actually get employed to research plants and then not patent the resulting compounds for pharmaceutical companies that might abuse the results for profit.

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