A Growing Mushrooms on Brown Rice Flour MP4

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Tyson Webster says:

Great production Bill. Jazz gets the shroom garden groovin

t money says:

Morels this way?

air pods says:

i love the music

Elude_One says:

So haldling an inoculated cake is ok?

Elude_One says:

Who dislikes this?.

YungRasteezy says:

Is it best to remove tape after inoculation?

noisyturtle says:

It's been 5 weeks and my jars still aren't full colonized 🙁

Jason Green says:

Is good clear instructions.

chris says:

im amazed to see sink water after all that sterilization..

John Campagna says:

Thanks! Very helpful.

parker says:


Matt Da Silva says:

What exact ingredient is necessary to make them psilocybin mushrooms?

bigserg killemoff says:

Do i leave the tape on after applying the spores?

Дмитрий Ревко says:

How do you rehydrate it?

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