#22: “How & Why To Take Magic Mushrooms” – A Complete Guide to Reasoning, Dosing, & Integration

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Human consciousness won an unparalleled victory in Denver, Colorado yesterday with new legislation regarding psilocybin (magic) mushrooms. As of May 8, 2019, it is no longer illegal to possess or use mushrooms in the city. As everyone who has worked seriously with psilocybin knows, and as research by several major universities confirms, mushrooms are a powerful, natural tool for people suffering from all kinds of maladies. They’re non-addictive, impossible to overdose on, and for anyone who works with them with proper intent, they have the power to change lives in profound ways.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to put together this guide, from the perspective of two guys whose lives have been changed forever by these mystical teachers. We’ve been looking for a guide like this for a long time and haven’t found one, so here it is. If you want to know why you might want to try mushrooms, how to go about it, how much to take, or just about any aspect of working with this family of plant medicine, this is the guide for you.

The #1 question we get on the podcast almost without question is “I feel the calling to work with mushrooms, and I know I have lot of inner work to do… But how do I go about it?” We’ve been uncomfortable offering this information up until now. So for anyone looking to work seriously with these teachers legally, you know have both the place to do so (Denver, CO), and a resource for some important information on how. We hope it serves you well.

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MackNified says:

Fantastic upload guys!

Annette Lasota says:

Thank you for sharing all of your experiences and advise. Is there any way you can share the Trevor Hall Playlist?

Redant23 says:

I took one gram of some really strong magic caps the other day I was almost in, but no giggles, light tracers, no hard hallucination. I did watch suicide squad which was awesome, but the commercials sucked. I rarely watch movies with commercials and I dont recommend it on shrooms especially only on a low dose.

Redant23 says:

Around safe people in a safe place, shrooms are amazing. Also amazing by yourself watching and listening to cool art is soooooooo much fun. Wow MSNBC did a fair report for once. Anyway lets keep fighting to relegalize weed, keep kratom legal, and legalize lovely magic mushrooms. I like these two perspective on microdose, but Does anybody else suggest magic mushroom microdosing, or is it a waste?

HighFrequency396 says:

Great info! Hopefully Vegas is next on the list!

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