Harvesting Magic Mushrooms | Psilocybin Reduces My Anxiety!

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The past two days I’ve had NO symptoms of anxiety of OCD ever since I took my “trip” a couple of nights ago. I usually wake up with a baseline anxiety level of about a 6; now I feel like I’m at a 2.

“A case report published in 2014 describes a 38-year-old male who had multiple medication failures in the treatment of his OCD. He consumed magic mushrooms given to him by a friend and immediately had an increase in anxiety but noticed his intrusive thoughts were significantly reduced the next day. He determined that every time he ingested approximately 2 g of psilocybin mushrooms, his OCD symptoms would be reduced for the following 3 weeks.”

Also a study in 2006 involving 9 patients showed that psilocybin (magic mushrooms) was safely used in subjects with OCD and was associated with “acute reductions in core OCD symptoms” in several subjects.

Each patient received up to 4 different doses of psilocybin (at least 1 week apart, and 88.9% of patients showed a greater than or equal to 25% decrease in symptom at the 24-hour mark.

66.7% maintained a greater than or equal to 50% decrease in their symptoms at 24 hours following one of their doses.



Cannabis Saves Lives! says:

Clinical Potential of Psilocybin as a Treatment for Mental Health Conditions

summerysteam96 says:

so abv we know what to do with medical weed, what ull do with these shrooms? for medical purposes too?

B Man says:

Very nice! Not sure if I want to see what condition my condition is in…psych! Where you at man?

Goon says:

Oddly satisfying watching you pick them.

Armed American patriot says:

Where can I get these mushroom kits

lora wakefield says:

how can I get spores

Incognito Agriculture says:

AWSOME collection of the mind altering medicine from God. ☮️

cheese burger says:

mushrooms are more than magic srry for the 3 comments but it still boosts rankings lol

cheese burger says:

turkey tails/ a fungi that work on cancer cells btw

cheese burger says:

Im almost to this point rn im wild foraging and getting my gathering and species identification skills down tight. have found a lot of wild fungi, and bad fungi such cool shit

keep up the vids

grow420 auto says:

How long will that keep producing caps?

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