Growing Magic Mushrooms: First Harvest!

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The long awaited harvest video is finally here!


Ric james , Éire says:

And then, and then and then and then

Matt Wilson says:

Just sterilized my jars, first time cultivator here

Gavin Weatherman says:

How do you keep the humidity up for those?

isaac moreno says:

broo yesss, i’ve been waiting for this since the beginning!

Sydney Carton says:

Yeah videos are great – keep going!

lowkey yung rascal says:

Fuck yesss finally the harvest videooo

Julian Luna says:

Nice job bro!! LOL you know ill have a million more questions soon! Thanks for the help.

Blueski says:

If you're interested in cannabis grows and hydroponic systems, go check out my good friend! Tell him I sent ya!

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