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Amanita muscaria, The Fly Agaric

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Identifying the Fly Agaric – Amanita muscaria.
Click here to learn more about this interesting fungi; https://www.wildfooduk.com/mushroom-guide/fly-agaric/


PMS-ing Nun says:

I can't believe that there are parts of the woods where they just chill out in huge groups like that!

Jesse Ray says:

No net net net net net do the Mario eat Your arms again and again

Nseven 111 says:


OldFarmerJoe1 says:

Remember to take 2, bowser is hard to kill.

Anon Amust says:

At the end, you said it's not an edible mushroom.


You contradicted yourself!!

Earlier in the video, I thought you said it was psychoactive, and that a lot of people eat it for the hallucinogenic effects.
Just like psylocybin shrooms, as long as eating it won't kill me, THAT would make it an edible mushroom in my book!!

A google Account says:

In the United States we rural farmers use those mushrooms to keep fleas away in basements etc ..soak one in vinegar and rubbing alcohol 50/50 till the liquid turns yellowish brownish then put the liquid in a spray bottle ..spray a thin mist on whatever area gets fleas .. Don't breathe it or youll feel funny

ausPPC says:

Of course it's edible. Depending on preparation it can be made non-psychoactive and good to eat or simply dried and consumed specifically for the psychoactive effect. Some people even eat them freshly picked because they're not sufficiently bothered by the negative effects.

Shadow Gacha Galaxy says:

Hey that is the mario mushroom

Mojo Rising says:

.. Are you claiming to have linked the well known tale of animita and Santa.. all by yourself then?¿

Socio says:

My friends ps4 name is amanita

Rio Carandang says:

Are they edible?

SilverGalaxy728 says:

Those mushrooms look like mushrooms from Mario kart or Mario bros

MartyMonster says:

You wusse. Just taken them home, dry them out with heat and mini dose on them.

Cheesecake yass says:

Aren't these smurf houses

Barrett Fenwick says:

I want these in my garden! 😀

headband og says:

These grow in my area. Never ate them though

SteamMachine says:

I did read that a topical ointment can be made from fly agaric that helps with arthritic and muscular pain. Not sure how much truth there is in that. But the hippier element of foraging forums im a member of swear by it. Probably a safer way of using them lol. I'll deffer to your knowledge about the 'potentially deadly' toxin. But the only documented death from someone under the influence of fly agaric came about due to hypothermia. There has been no link between a death being caused by the mushrooms toxins themselves.

серый серый says:

просто шикарные и классные грибы

StopFear says:

Fly agaric is also described by Latin as “Muscaria”. Musca means a fly.

ਉਂਕਾਰ ਸਿੰਘ says:

Rudolf the red eyed reindeer

ਉਂਕਾਰ ਸਿੰਘ says:

do they grow all over the UK? super mario 1 UP

Curtis Tyler says:

They must be only poisonous when you ingest them cause I’ve torn these apart with my bare hands and handled them and didn’t wash my hands afterwards, never happened.

Mark Heywood says:

Picked about 30 in September and have been dried and awaiting the right time to enjoy.

Roots of Truth. says:

They cause dementia. My boss tripped them for years and got dementia at 40

Wayne Etherton says:

Can someone please help me. I have 20grams of this dried. I'm not certain how to take or how much…. bit nervous

saffron blu says:

I heard this can help with cancer. Now, I've never done a mushroom, but if there is one out there that can help with cancer, then- GO for it! (Though I wouldn't know where to find it) Nobody wants to get high, just begs to get well.Sad thing it that it's not something I'd wanna mess with.

Chris Cube says:

That mushroom isn't deadly.

Divine Potato says:

not that many people do amanita muscaria
psyilocybin mushrooms on the other hand

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