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This video covers what happens in your brain chemically when you take psychedelics. Be it LSD, Psilocybin or DMT. Here’s what actually happens in your brain when you take these drugs.

I made this video for people who could potentially be doing a trip and want to know what’s going on in their brain. For this information I got this mostly from a book called How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, and Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.

This is something I don’t condone doing without a trip sitter present by the way. You NEED to have someone there to help you out if times get tough. I’ll make a video on this eventually but I recently had a difficult time due to the fact that I may have had too much information.

I was trying to walk myself through what was happening chemically in my brain, telling myself i wasn’t going to die, while simultaneously feeling like I was absolutely dying. So it was tough in that sense.

For this video I had lost a microphone but I bought a new light. So I wanted to record this even though the sound isn’t great. However. I’ll have you know that I found my microphone and the next video will absolutely have better audio. I hope anyway. Fingers crossed.


Between The Lines says:

Hope this helps you in your time of need. I do not recommend doing this without someone to help you present. Trust me! Subscribe for more:

aryzo says:

My name Jeff

Daniel Bain says:

I'm really interested in trying psychodelics and this was a very informative video. However, I just love your Canadian pronunciation of "about".

Instawise says:

Fantastic! #instawise

Nathan Barnavon says:

I first found out about you from the psychedsubstance collaboration. I really love your animated book reviews, but I'm sure those videos are extremely time consuming. Keep it up!

Aqueous Hexia says:

Great video. Will save it to show my friends who go through paranoia/anxiety. I find that cannabis also affects me as a minor psychedelic so this has helped me. I already dealt with it but knowing more biologically about it makes it interesting. Thanks!

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