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Medical Cannabis in Utah vs. LDS Church Power

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An in-depth examination into how the LDS Church is using its power to control the medical marijuana market in Utah. In this video we interview Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes. Libertas President Connor Boyack and we hear cannabis patients’ concerns over how the LDS Church is using their power to restrict access to legal cannabis and increase prices for patients through state regulation.


Alison Gaia Queen says:

The church is misusing their power to manipulate their own membership by lying about their own history and theology… This whole cannabis involvment has motivated me to seek truth. (If they are claiming to protect children then why would they keep epileptic kids from getting it?) So now I don't believe in the "truthfulness" of the church at all. Good job church in getting involved in something you don't belong!

Cypher Cypher says:

Goovey bro!!! Hope you an yours are locked an loaded for the incoming invasion!!! An the ones here already!!!!!!dang good video

Sione Toki says:

Love your videos! Very informative, my dude.


SALUTE, once again, brother.

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