Caitlin Thompson – Calming Consciousness, Gut Health, Nervous Systems, & Psychedelic Drugs

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Caitlin creates supplements to help people regulate their state of mind with her company EntheoZen. We talk about the balancing act between physical and mental states, and how products like hers work in the body. From gut health and serotonin levels, to mood disorders and silent meditation retreats, we cover quite a bit!

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AbsorbtheEarth says:

Good stuff but I'll say that the double-helix was discovered waaaaay before Sirwhatever his name "discovered" it; there's evidence leading back passed Egypt. Usually if we know the name of who "discovered" anything that means they didn't discover it, it's all andient knowledge.

Dave Petersen says:

Thank you for all your good work and excellent education. My wife and I are interested in starting a sacred plant medicine and psychedelic assisted therapy discussion group type gatherings. email if your interested.

JEG AOL says:

Glad to see You are back doing these very valuable podcasts! You are so good at it!!! Very interesting guest and talk

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