Ayahuasca And Demons | My Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) Trips To Hell 👿

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Ayahuasca And Demons | My Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) Trip To Hell

Just over a year ago, I went on a journey. A journey that, at the time, I thought was the answer to all my questions about Jesus, Christianity, God, Spirituality and so on.

See, ever since I can remember, I was a searching soul. A someone who couldn’t and wouldn’t just accept things for what they were in life. I questioned everything, including God.

And while I believe that is a good character trait to have, it can also end up causing you a lot of pain and heartache along the way.

Before I get into the point of the video, it’s important for me to lay a foundation. You know, give some context so as to give you the whole picture.

I feel that I need to make this video as a follow up to my original video on my experience with Ayahuasca.

Here is an awesome video by Steven Bancarz on this kind of stuff:

In the past I would have happily shared the info and sent them on their merry way, but I simply can’t anymore, hence why you’re seeing my face again.

Now, as I mentioned, the most significant part of my spiritual journey started in February of 2018. Ayahuasca was the “drug of choice” since it had such an incredible amount of people sharing their spiritual “awakenings”. Obviously, I wanted the same and so off I went. Now as Ayahuasca Experiences go, it was, at the time, incredible.

What the title of this video doesn’t mention, is the fact that one thing led to another and I ended up going further down the rabbit hole.

I started taking psilocybin (or magic mushrooms) here in South Africa.

Again, with such an amazing amount of positive feedback from people and because it’s so easily accessible, it naturally was the next step on my journey. Oh and the fact that it helps or apparently helps with depression.

What started out as the most incredible experiences of my life, quickly became the absolute worst. And when I say worst, I mean the kind where you literally wish death upon your life kind of worse.

Before I continue, I would like to quote something from the Bible for you and you’ll further understand why as I go on. To all the non-believers out there, stick around.

I cannot think of a more fitting description of what happens when you enter the world of psychedelics. You quite literally leave planet earth.

In 2018 alone, I took magic mushrooms (psilocybin) 15 times. And while some might say, “well obviously it’s going to start going all crazy if you take that much”, I would respectfully disagree with that statement.

See, while some people may only take it here or there, I wanted ALL the answers and I wanted it IMMEDIATELY. Just how I am.

And thank the Lord Almighty for the stubbornness that he gave me. Because let me tell you something. Had it not been for it, I would have still been lost. Totally and utterly lost.

Jesus Christ (God) works in mysterious ways and while we don’t always understand his methods, one thing I can testify to today is that he ALWAYS comes through for his children. ALWAYS!

This video is not meant to be my testimony from New Age to Jesus (even though that’s exactly what happened), I will be making another follow up video with my testimony.

Psychedelics are demonic and nothing more than tools used by Satan and his minions to get you hooked on the new age and “being woke”.

The problem with this statement is that the people, whether they really know what they are involved with or not, strive for truth, for knowledge, for all the answers. This is what the new age is founded upon.

Unfortunately, these psychedelic tools used are demonic in nature. Psychedelics are dangerous and Pure evil.

That’s exactly what I did. And while I thank God that he saved me and opened my eyes to what I thought was the truth, I cannot say the same for others.

Another thing I feel you need to know is that the majority of the people who do things like Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, Iboga and so on are well-meaning people who simply do not recognize the dangers of what they are involved with or what they are pushing down people’s throats.

The blind leading the blind.

Watch the full video on my My Psilocybin Trip To Hell.


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Ayahuasca And Demons | My Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) Trip To Hell



I am Ru says:

This is an update following my previous Ayahuasca video. Many things have changed and it was important for me to share them. Hope this helps you in some way, shape or form. God bless.

Rodney Lopez says:

I done all of those psychedelic and I discovered that god is in you not the sky or a person that claims godship, you are the only person that can save yourself. Sorry but religion is someone else’s experience of spirituality. All religions are lies! That’s truth.

andrew mckinnon says:

Fucking bullshit mate

Clouded Mind says:

Hail Satan.

BurntCarne says:

Why would God put substances in nature that fit perfectly with the receptors in our brain? Like all drugs, I think the key with mushrooms is dosage. The whole 4g+ heroic doses that people talk about is completely misunderstood, and it’s basically like spiritual Russian roulette. Microdosing at .2-.3 grams allows me to remain sober, yet I feel way more spiritually connected to myself, the world, and God. Jesus tells us multiple times that we should remain alert, and have our spiritual eyes open; therefore we should use these precious gifts as tools, and not disrespect them by getting intoxicated. But hey, I could be completely wrong on this, that’s just my opinion for now. God bless ❤️

michael Antwi says:

There are more psychedelics in your bible than the whole of my newzealand

SublimeMelancholy says:

Why i hear some music for audio??? Reloaded 10 times. Cant hear you speak. It just some mellow melody playing

Jared Aznar says:

Amazing testimony and this is the truth, Praise Jesus


So you start having bad trips and then all of a sudden it’s “demonic” and “evil?” I’m sorry but this all sounds like propagated rubbish because of a shitty trip and being irresponsible. Psychedelics aren’t meant for everybody and it’s good you realized that they aren’t meant for you but all of this fairy tale “Jesus Christ is the way!” Bullshit is in fact, bullshit. You haven’t discovered anything for anybody and preaching about a make believe fairy tale character sounds like everybody else who preaches about “him.” It makes no fucking sense and the logic behind it is dumber than a wagon full of shit.

Jade Sings says:

This is the first video of yours that I've watched and the moment I started I could tell you were the skeptical, intellectual sort. I'm mentioning this because it made this video more valid to me. I could tell you weren't someone to just senselessly fear or discredit a substance. You assessed the outcome you had and came to a reasonable conclusion on your own.
Thanks for making this video.
It was great for you to come to the realization early on because most people take it in smaller doses and therefore cannot see how it is impacting them.
I know people who have taken Ayahuasca who think it was a beautiful experience but they also claim to be various deities. That sounds to me like someone that has been compromised and has an entity in the driver seat. I know people who have taken Ayahuasca and develop multiple personalities and forgetfulness. Very odd behavior ensues. Anyways, great video.

Mike Smith says:

I ate 7 grams after 20 years of no shrooms i wanted to die it was scary as hell.

Brad Lebowitz says:

The irony with this is that it was taking mushrooms that brought you to God. You should be eternally grateful to the shroom.

Daniel_8972 says:

I am lost in this world. But deep down I have faith in jesus. I wish it was stronger faith and with no other curiosities.

Janice M. says:

Amazing testimony my brother! Something similar happened to me last year, it was a very strong and somewhat traumatic event in my life

Matt Polston says:

If psychedelics are so "evil" and horrible, then why are they also proven to have a plethora of cognitive benefits in addition to successfully treating disorders such as depression and PTSD? I certainly don't doubt that you had a terrible experience, but guess what?


Any rational person who has ever taken a psychedelic understands that there's zero evidence or proof that what they're experiencing is something genuinely external as opposed to the result of a molecule binding to and acting on their brain's serotonin receptors. And considering that supernatural entities have NEVER been observed or proven to be real in a controlled environment, it's pretty safe to say those demons you allegedly encountered are 100% not real.

You've allowed a bullshit dogmatic belief that was started by fallible human beings in the bronze age and has zero historical or scientific credibility to dominate your life and manipulate you through fear and superstition. Please seek some actual help and stop spreading this kind of fear mongering garbage.


A former Christian.

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Good video, you speak very clear about God and your personal history, I like the way you take life.

Gustav Snyman says:

Real question here. Not fishing for problems. Were you still high when you experienced your revelation? Because that is a BIG thing. You came to your realization of truth through Psilocybin. It sounds like the breakdown of the ego and a spiritual resurrection afterward. And here you are – the NEW you. Not saying people should take Psilocybine but it's just fascinating what happened to you. Forget Gaya and the new age nonsense. What is wrong with loving God's creation? What is wrong with loving your neighbor? Anywayz. I'm happy for you just wondering 😉

Walker Mckenna says:

No the ego is the true devil, psychedelic plants are true human consciousness. That’s why you interpret them as demonic, because they dissolve the ego. I’m sorry you found an answer, because living in the light of the mystery is the truth.

mohammad rasel says:

ayahuasca and demons is a nice video. Nice details about it and it's best

ahmed jaher says:

this very nice video and really informative about How to ayahuasca and demons

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