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Where to find Psilocybe Semilanceata, Liberty cap, Magic Mushroom habitat.

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In this video I show the variety of field or landscape where we may find the often very elusive ‘Magic Mushroom’.


Upon WAVs says:

Do these grow in New Jersey? I swear these things grow in my backyard

Simon Nichol says:

yu can find them in cow fields?yes???not just sheep or hourse?

wormwood69 says:

They also prefer that specific type of grass I noticed.

Paul Furniss says:

Why do you want to pull the root?

niall ruston says:

Youre the phychedelic version of Chris packham

Samo Sabina says:

Can you eat them raw?

Gavin Byrne says:

Cool video, but I have to make this point. When you pick magic mushrooms you need to first flick the cap with your finger to distribute the spores and encourage more mushroom growth. And, you need to either cut or pinch the stem and not pull them. Otherwise there will be no further growth. Numerous fields that were full of magic mushroom years ago in my home town and surrounding areas are now totally desolate of any type of mushroom due to people just pulling the stems from the ground and not flicking the cap before pinching. Just sayin like

Jay K says:

You're supposed to punch them so as to preserve and ensure future colonies.

Tom Lover says:

PINch Not PuLl, FliCk tHe CaPs

Triangle Man says:

Best to snap the stem and leave the root in the ground so they grow back. Don't forget to flick the caps to spread the pores too.

Thomas Mcdougall says:

Which month is best to look in the UK?

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