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Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets on psilocybin and its effects on the brain

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#1035. Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi.



Nereik says:

I ate 1 gram on the weekend for the first my brain felt like it was working at 100 mph and a everything was moving and everything was fascinating. I felt a lil uncomfrotable at the come up though

Peer Pont says:

Joe" i dreamed of i wasnt inside a wolfs dream" rogan

Rasta Man Stands Alone says:

I took 15 grams the night before 911 and was still going hard on psilocybin gargantua when they showed the cgi of the planes crashing into the towers the next morning. I had a death and rebirth experience the night before the airing. I crystallized stopped breathing and my heart stopped pounding for 4 hrs while i went into space and had stars talking to me. 2 hrs before seeing the news broadcast my heart started pounding again and i gasped my first breath. I was given a calling while among the stars, I'm close to fulfilling that calling now.

Rasta Man Stands Alone says:

What regions of the brain do the colors represent? The visual is useless without that info.

James O'Donnell says:

what a cliffhanger

Scotty Gilbertson says:

Robin Williams wanna be

toots magoots says:

my dreams also seem to be easier to forget if i am smoking marijuana regularly. it seems like i hardly dream when i smoke compared to the super intense dreams i get when im sober. i have had complete controll over some lucid dreams. some of the most memorable moments of my life.

jesus traps says:

My nigga! smack your lips after one more fucking word! I fucking double dog dare you!

RoleModelTV says:

Joe " can you push your mic up closer to your face" Rogan.

corbosky78 says:

As im watching this im microdosing psilocybin and wow! I have a traumatic brain injury three years ago and have been struggling with depression since. ive been on antidepressants for 3 months but now im taking a lower dose of them and will be off completely off them before my 10 day silent meditation retreat. Goood luck and don't forget peace, love, and kindness.

P Rising says:

That’s not a lucid dream Joe, sorry.

canan ciesielski says:

Hope everyone is having a good trip!

Enigma The God says:

Im going to take 3 grams tomorrow night after work with some friends! I am very excited!!!!

Extrinsic Euro says:

dude that's exactly what happened to me when i stopped smoking 4 months !! it was wicked that's why sober october is pretty scary , dreams man they're wicked some days make you think alot

H G4 says:

Joe "rocket charged" Rogan

A_Socialist_Channel says:

Wow yeah give mushrooms to imperialist soldiers so they get better at murdering brown people for oil profits. What a shit head

TH T says:

Joe "I had a dream about covering a blanket over me, really really bizarre" Rogan

brooks klepper says:

Mandy Patinkin should play him in the movie. Or vice versa

Tim Haggas says:

Wtf did you say about nanny? One to many AH

Anthony Russek says:

Changed my Life, his hat looks like a mushroom lol Facts, I love joe Rogan and all these important talks about Life!!!!!! TRUTH NEEDS TO BE HEARD.

Doctor Otis says:

Paul, a humble man with love

jameseglavin4 says:

Man I would love to ask Stamets or whoever is the current leader in the field what the psychokinetic (psychopharmacological?) effects of psilocybin vs psilocin vs LSD… I really wish we had been studying this in detail for the last 50 years

Jon MacDonald says:

I don't know my Roommates been micro dosing and he's a complete dumbfuck!

Tomáš Andrlík says:

Great episode

Jeremy Guerrero says:

Your brain has more connections then the universe, and knowing u are smarter then u thinner believe then u will Achieve

Jeremy Guerrero says:

I am that I am

Jeremy Guerrero says:

So happy to be born in to 2000's

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