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Magic Mushrooms & Lemons? | 3g Lemon Tek Experiment

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In this video I breakdown my experiences after experimenting with soaking 3 grams of Magic Mushrooms / Psilocybin in lemon juice or what some call ‘Lemon Tek’.

Let me know what you think of my experiences with mixing Magic Mushrooms with Lemons and I’d love to hear your experiences as well! Have you tried this experiment before? Leave me a comment below about your experiences with psychedelics & magic mushrooms!!!

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ZeroCold Gg says:

This Is not how you lemon tek, you need to crush the shrooms into fine powder, after that soak it in lemon juice for 20 mins while shaking it the whole time, after 20 mins you need to remove the remaining powder via cheesecloth.

Sammy Chiba says:

Hit me in ten mins…lights became interesting…I was outside in a park with friends…at about 8:45…at about 9…the lights at a out 9:10 the ground started tripping out…patterns, waves…etc the trees around were saying hello…lolz anyways the walk home was insane the cars all morphing…the houses were breathing a lot…and art was insane…like u said I had about the same about 3.5 grams…it was crazy intense and about 4 to 6 hours long…as opposed to 8hrs…well that's about it…thank u for making this content!

Sammy Chiba says:

I did this on the day this was recorded…yes very intense!

Jacob Cottrell says:

Lemon tek is garbage you need to work with harmala. Take 4 grams of the seed 1 hour before ingestion of psilocybin. That's real.

Stephanie gervais godtfredsen says:

Chocolate melt it grind up some coffee beans and powder shrooms add that mix put in your rubber ice cube trays and let set

Austin Leap says:

You should try some pure lsd

Justin L says:

Citric acid is the means for this breakdown.
That means even a kool aid powder and Tiny water would do the same.

Sharon Hauk says:

Have you tried it in a tincture?

duckey499 says:

I use hot sauce

michael Antwi says:

Arent u supposed to take it in darkness and stillness

Tai Spring says:

You should try doing it with taking vitamin C only. It's possible that the effect is simply due to having vitamin C increasing your metabolism. It would be interesting to see if soaking it changes anything compared with if you were to take vitamin C or equal amount of lemon juice.

Jason Woodard says:

Bro I’ve tested this myself shit is legit. I hate people who hype shit up. This is the real deal. Much stronger, faster on the come up and the peak is elevated big time. But it’s shorter which is nice lol because that shit gets intense. The come down is like almost non existent. Leaves you with a nice clarified mind from all the chaos to peace in such a short time. Great learning experience

mangmang2000 says:

Curious where do you get your mushrooms from? I know it’s legal in certain places does anybody know of a reliable and safe website to order from?

Poi says:

i will generally with lemon tek go for 30mins and throughout the duration refrigerate and stir every 5mins as mentioned. In addition I will double the amount of lemon you seem to have used there.

Rick David says:

I lemon tekked 5 grams a few months ago…from my experiment, I wouldnt say it intensified it but it definitely hit alot faster…i started this shroom journey back in september of 2018. Thank you for your documentation

Jankar S. says:

I live in Florida I’m about to go to the beach and do 4 grams with some friends and I’m gonna try this out.

K1 says:

Try grapefruit juice. I’ve heard that it’s an mao inhibitor

samuils says:

You are doing so many experiments with the external sensations, perhaps you are spent on the sensory experience, maybe next experiment is to begin interacting with the messages that come from it? By this I mean to start having an open conversion with that which gives you that experience, as well as trying to go further and see if someone is out there and see if wisdom can be gained from them?

Chrissymite says:

I’ve done orange juice but my gut doesn’t like citrus much and I ended up vomiting.
2nd one I did with water and after half an hour.. I became the mushroom.
3rd one I did with Kangen water (electrically charged, ionised water) and within 20 mins was a part of the solar system.
All trips have been done in the dark and lasted about 5hrs. Oh and they were all 7gms

6ix_ Mafia says:

Great video, please do some videos with weed

Hayess Brrroooss says:

Have u done astral projection??? Really interest how u can fly out of your body ?

ClipzTDOT says:

20 dollar coffee grinder my friend

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