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PE time lapse 1st flush

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Enjoi some Penis Envy


ww nv says:

I want to put one in my mouth so badly. Is that wrong?

HUEHUE says:

They look like chubby cocks

Robert White says:

What type of lighting did you use and how far away from the monotub did you keep it

Gary Anderson says:

The shaft is just too big for my liking. Must be potent though

Zen says:

Why is there fly paper in there dawg?

Jacob Westover says:

Nice video but you gotta work on your lighting conditions for those poor mushies.

Dario Spirit says:

Is this strain the best? It seems that those large shrooms give a huge yield.

Totally not the FBI says:

Mushroom wee wee

Alex Bench says:

What song is this? Mine need them 🙂

FreedomOrNothin says:

I am indeed envious. Looks great. Congrats.

Carmella says:

The only penis i want

Josh Woods says:

Im currently fruiting some PE right now but i have one little guy that is all deformed. any experts wanna take a look?

Sud says:

This video was pure art

johnnypk1963 says:

Well done w a simple setup. What was your dry yield?

Morgan Gahles says:

Over how many days was this

dagwood953 says:


Jeremy Hetrick says:

amazing tune btw

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