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How to prepare BRF cake – PF Tek

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video and subtitles: Psilo Lab
music: Organic Dreamers- ,,The Timeless Machine”

Basic receipt how to prepare PF-Tek, BRF (Brown rice flour) cake, substrate for mushrooms mycelium.


chanarong namkhet says:

Where can I buy plastic boxes?

R B says:

I am a beginner and I performed my first ever inoculation 8 days ago. Just like all the channels I have watched up until now instruct. Mine is coming along slow but it has been 8 days and I am finally seeing some white fuzz at the bottom of the grow bag. How do I know that white fuzz is mycelium of the spores I put in there and not some other white mold or another type of potentially dangerous growth? I am posting this question to several channels to get a consensus. 

anotheraccount420 says:

What would happen if you skipped the pressure cooker sterilization step and immediatly innoculated the cakes with spores? Is there a high chance of contamination? Is there any way to avoid buying a pressure cooker like steaming the cakes in an ordinary pot with a lid on? Please get back to me when you can

kiraPh1234k says:


Major bad advice here: "Please use 98% propyl or ethyl alcohol"

I won't go into wether you need to disinfect at this stage, the more important thing is that 96% IPA is a worse disinfectant than even 50% IPA.

The optimal concentration is 70%, the water play a critical role in the disinfectant process.

As one example, Staphylococcus Aureus is a bacteria and if you use 50% IPA you can kill this bacteria in 10 seconds of contact time. Comparing this to concentrations above 90% we see that 90% IPA can have a contact time of over 2 HOURS and still will not harm the bacteria. On top of the additional surface contact time required for high concenteations of IPA, they also evaporate quicker so you have to use a lot more.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol is the best concentration to use for disinfectant. Do NOT go higher than that unless you want LESS effective disinfectant.

Ouroboros says:

What kind of jars are those?

R19P82 says:

First either construct or buy, a laminar flow hood?

Davy Whitezel says:

Where you buy container

Simon Sozzi says:

2:00 as long as it's clean, you really don't have to disinfect. You're about to autoclave it all.

Jay Hilton says:

Why are the substrate ratios different in every video? Some say 2.1.1 and some have other ratios like this video. Whats the main ratio most people go by?

John Reagan says:

what do you do if the substrate is too dry and the mycelium is in full colonizing mode at the fruiting chamber?

Bc Buddy says:

where did you find those containers?

DEVA says:

2x speed works best thakns 😀

Quentin Calvert says:

A great video, but I have a question. While putting emphasis on disinfection, you are not using gloves and touching with exposed hands and possible other equipment. Does later disinfection take care of this?

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