Magic mushrooms used to treat depression in first clinical trial

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12 people with depression have been given combination treatment of psychotherapy and magic mushrooms – the trips may disrupt negative thought patterns


Piter Pain says:

дайте два

Biggest 23 says:

If only Bill Hicks was still around. He'd really be getting his smug on to hear this.

notsyort says:

Reporting actual research: thumbs up. Silly superstition and conjecture like 'spiritual experiences' and 'the hippies were right all along': thumbs down.

DJ Savvy says:

lol. I guess my friends have their reasons. haha

Hobbes says:

I'm all for this research and do think that these substances could produce significant change in people with depression. However 12 people only? That's not nearly enough to be able to draw any conclusions. Not only that, but only two sessions with shrooms? People take clinical drugs on a regular basis. It'd be interesting to see the effects of continual microdosing.

Soy Wars: The Force is Shemale says:

Ok, I don't want to offend anyone by saying this but I'm going to. How the fuck is this crap called science?
This is not "research"! 12 people in the entire group?! 5 recovered, 2 are better. That's less than a 50% success rate and could easily be attributed to pure chance! or other reasons => Regression to the mean.
Did the "research" on these people even continue after the three months??

You're not even providing sources!

And "spiritually meaningful experiences"?? Are you kidding me? No scientist would ever use that word seriously!
Usually I like your videos but this one is pure bogus. The amount of likes horrifies me.

my minds eye says:

best trip ever was shrooms, peyote.,lsd,quaaludes, happy days back then brotherhood of light lsd,desert for peyote, and big pharm for the ludes../

DiseasedRobot says:

I feel like I have depression now

memespace says:

I'm glad for this research. It's confirming what most people who have had responsible experiences with these drugs already knew.

carlos duarte says:

anything to get rid of depression and increase motivation, please

SocietyOfTheSpectacl says:

It was TONY Blair who made these a Class A drug.
Because they aid clear thought in the long wrong.
Helps people tell when they are being lied to as well.
BUT why not cocaine , that seems to work for george Osborne,

NextGenAge says:

It has also been a cure for cluster headaches for many years. Looks like the natural medicines that were used for thousands of years aren't that bad after all? Stupid war on drugs, worst mistake in history!

Super Duper Hyper Ultra Mega Double Extra Triple Extreme Infinity says:

It's good and all, but this was kind of known since earlier.

Ahmed360 says:

These new videos are cool and all, but please slow down the text :L

Nick Ballantines says:

Sure, hippies were right 🙂

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