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Rubin's New Year's Psilohuasca Trip; Psilocybin & Syrian Rue: Help Find The Others Podcast Ep 11

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On the eleventh episode of the Help Find The Others podcast we take a deeper dive into Rubin’s New Year’s Day Psilohuasca Trip. We thought that although we created video documentation of the experience, that the form of a podcast would be an awesome way to go further in detail about it all. Plus we wanted to start 2019 off right with a fresh podcast recording and this trip was the perfect reason to do just that.

To watch Rubin’s video about this trip follow the link here: https://youtu.be/h8LaOBmgt14

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/helpfindtheothers

To be a part of the show/offer suggestions of topics for the podcast, feel free to reach out via email at helpfindtheothers@protonmail.com or leave us a voicemail/text at (567) 233-1335.

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/NHywQFr

Telegram Invite link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEbR0dvdF_I

Thanks for listening & Help Find The Others.

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Apologies for the static (electrical interference) on Stahn’s audio near the end of the podcast. We found the root of the problem so it shouldn’t be an issue after episode 13.


D Rosa says:

Ya..kind of .. anticlimactic …pulling the cord. Maybe wait till there's actually something to talk about?

Andrew Ash says:

It’s not for everyone and I get that, but have you tried listening to just classical instrumental pieces instead of your standard “trippin” style music? It really helped me with my anxiety and helped me let go and have no personal projections on the music

Adam Killingbeck says:

Another great one so far guys!
I laughed so hard Rubin, thinking of your face hitting the water as you were in the hot tub with your mask on lol, what a visual!
I have always wanted to get to the star and nebula type visuals!

Lucids says:

love everything about this… besides the intro and outro music 🙂

:Robert-Francis : Sullivan. says:

You’re doing
honorable work
– I’m sure you’re
helping people ✨

Justin Y. says:

Great podcast!

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