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Occurred on October 4, 2018 / Texas, USA

“When some mushrooms are exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere, it can have a color-changing effect on its tissues. This kind of oxidation is typically a sign of toxicity for a large number of mushrooms. That is not always the case though, because there are some mushrooms that oxidize blue and are extremely delicious edibles. This is some kind of blue staining bolete found in eastern Texas. They were all over the place!”

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Nikola Zozulya says:

Its just normal mushroom, i used to eat this its very tasty. It call in polish Borowik Ceglastopory it growth in Eu, uk us asia

The Other Side says:

Garden egg turns brown when exposed to oxygen. Only that it takes about 60 seconds to do so.

Vin ce says:

You probably turn blue yourself if you eat it

The 24/7 Gaming Dude says:

Anyone Here from Daily Dose Of Internet?

Daily Dose Of Internet says:

Thank you!!

PantsB4Squares says:

No magic mushrooms. They are boletus. Do not eat


Lick it you will have a fun 6 hours

*Dillon* says:

It has something to do with the shroom coming in contact with oxygen changing the color, kinda like blood from a human changes to red. Don’t eat a random mushroom anyone, a lot are very poisonous.

Doh Joe Gringo says:

It's not a psilocybin mushroom in case that's what anyone is thinking.

Andres castro says:

Eat it!!!!!

Gozewijn Goossens says:

That was a smurf!

Eddie Suarez says:

Did you see bugs bunny running around

Peewhocantbeaimed says:

Glad you removed the sounds of the mushroom screaming from the soundtrack

Marita Aulia says:

Here we go ,daily dose of internet where are yo sir

manikdj123 says:

Only one way to find out!…

Foma Prytkov says:


Hypebeast King says:

It bleeds blue

Hypebeast King says:

Poison mushroom


Is that for real?? Wtf

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