360° Perspective: Decriminalizing "magic" mushrooms

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Denver is the first American city to vote in favor of decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms.


Bob Swanson says:

City of Oakland Decriminalized Medicinal Entheogenic Plants https://youtu.be/BHd1cLDKaa4

Phather Dog says:

Illegal to grow sell or possess shrooms. Soooo, how the hell are you supposed to get them in the first place??

If cops pop you with them they'll ask how you got them… you either grew them or bought them…
"Oh no no no no no. They fell from the sky and landed on my lap"

Archaic Revival says:

Physically impossible to overdose on psilocybin mushrooms

Da Sh says:

mile HIGH city!

Matt Evans says:

EXODUS 1:29 !!!!! How is nature illegal in the first place?!

merc731 says:

long term effects .. im 46 yrs old ..speak 5 languages .. i have a ba in psychology .. been a pot head for 35 yrs started smoking pot at 11 .. and have been doing shrooms as well.. point is.. nothing ever fucked me up more than opioids or alcohol .. the two major killers in our timeline .. shits on every corner and people are worried about pot and shrooms? retarted

f5thwheel1 says:

The Bill of Rights includes freedom of religion. Since most people in
the government/legal field forgot we had a constitution and a bill of
rights; back in 1993 when the government decided to take peyote away
from the indigenous, the Freedom of Religion Restoration Act was passed.
Stealing peyote from indigenous was the catalyst for this act, but it
is not limited to peyote nor is it limited to indigenous. It is a
reminder that we do have a Bill of Rights. So…. sacred medicines like
mushrooms and marijuana have been legal and are legal all across the
nation. Hopefully those who swore to uphold the law will begin doing
that instead of bullying people because it is far more profitable. If
they really want to go after the drugs; throw Monsanto in jail. The
Nuremberg Trial Papers reveal a "state within a state" consisting of the
big oil, big pharma, and big agricultural industries. This community of
interests exists and persists despite common sense. If they really want
to go after the drugs, preform raids on pharmacies selling Oxycontin.
Go after the municipal water supply for adding the neurotoxin
fluoride….. I was suffering skeletal fluorosis, chronic pain in my
knees…. Since marijuana was most likely the primary ingredient in the
healing oil of Jesus Christ and since even Joel Osteen has been recorded
on camera saying the prana of the Bible could be a mushroom, it would
be really nice if those who swore to uphold the law would begin doing
that instead of terrorizing people and profiting from it. What a
wonderful world this COULD be.

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