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I Spent a MONTH on Magic Mushrooms! (My Experience)

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Earlier this year i spent an entire MONTH taking mushrooms in australia. the (psy-ke-dehl-ik kind)… here’s what happened!

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Vishuddha Das *Koi Fresco* says:

PSA: This video serves as nothing but a personal testimonial as to my personal healing experiences with psilocybin! I am NOT telling you to do it nor am I saying you need to. That is a decision you must make for yourself. ♥️ Ram Ram!

Dank Dose says:

NOOOOO be careful…magic mushrooms have heart toxicity wgen used daily…it can lead to hear defects…i want to watch your videos for a LONGGGG time

Wet Cracker says:

Bro I love this video so much , people don’t understand that these psychedelics are taken to help people not to just get fucked up and have fun

Socre Antikristos says:

Realize that there are kids and teens who watch this stuff man, if it works for you cool but psychedelics can induce psychosis and ruin your mind everyone is different and I took mushrooms in highschool almost everyday for 6 months I had to get my appendix taken out because the appendix is used as a digestive processing center for plant matter since mushrooms are poisonous. Be careful and followed your IQ points listening to this moron if he didn't have his rich mommy and daddy he wouldn't be doing any of that stuff

Socre Antikristos says:

Not gonna lie I watched your other video about quiting weed and I smoke weed everyday, if you don't feel bad about what your doing than why justify.

Jeremiah Greason says:

"… OVER 16 days!" Sooo… 17 days? ;P haha I'm just playing around bro, I've been following you and watching your videos for OVER 4 years now (heheheh), and I've loved following you on your journey. Keep doing what you're doing my man <3

Konrad Polit says:

can you please turn on auto subtitles? i need it badly

Apophis392 says:

Don’t underestimate the importance of psychedelic experiences on your spiritual journey. Meditation, altruism, philosophy, and mindfulness will always be critical. However if you respect these psychedelic compounds, and consume one in the correct setting your mind can then be opened to a profound mystical experience.

Aaron Rase says:

That awesome man! I actually just started reading my copy of the Power of Now that I’ve had since I was seventeen, almost ten years!! My cousin gifted it to me in LA for my birthday, she knew I was super open and into Carl Jung

James Ratliff says:

Acro, Djembe, yoga and mushrooms. Sounds like heaven. Headed to India tomorrow. Thanks for all the videos Vishuddha

309christina says:

Thank you Mother Nature thank you for your wisdom.

gogo311 says:

Vis, this is beautiful! Thanks for making this video, really enjoyed it!

I'm curious how it's possible that you didn't develop a tolerance. It's supposed to happen fast. Also, 3-4g of blue meanies is a RIDICULOUS dose from what I've heard.

Did you find the effect any different from other mushroom species?

Tammy Evans says:

Hi Koi! I am new to your channel and I just want to say that I think you are a beautiful soul. I am going through a lot right now and I’m ready to learn and grow as a person. Your videos are so helpful and I look forward to using them to expand my mind and do more things out of pure love<3 thank you

Xj18A says:

When your parents are rich and you have nothing better to do than trip on mushrooms for a month. Thanks mommy and daddy.

Apology Man says:

Ive done 5 months

Josh Rosanelli says:

You are the man. Was a pleasure hearing what you had to say on your experiences. Take care !

Liam Greene says:

Yeah I also hit the mushrooms for about a month or over 2 weeks it wasn't till the next year season on mushrooms that I realised I formed blockages that prevented me from perceiving properly because instead of integration I chose to form resistance with not being in states of void it's funny how the ego works the most stressful things always get left till the last minute


I love the ending about doing them without fear. I’ll be in deep meditation states and will have intense feeling of fear or dread that’ll ruin the experience. After reading, listen, and finally realizing what that feeling was is my ego trying to hold me back form and experiencing higher levels. It’s still something that’s always present but allowing it’s to happen and pass has been a great teacher. I’d really like to try a month. Thank you for the video. It was educational

happystrongpure says:

Are you and Krystal still together?

Lance says:

Love this one and the recent interview. My favorite videos you've put out for a long time.

Luke D'Agostino says:

Where abouts did you stay ???

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