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How to Make a Mushroom Terrarium – Part 6 – How to Grow Mushrooms

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Part 1 – Preparing and Sterilizing Your Spawn
Part 2 – Inoculation
Part 3 – The Shake
Part 4 – Preparing Bulk Substrate
Part 5 – Mixing Spawn to Bulk Substrate
Part 6 – How to Make a Mushroom Terrarium for Fruiting

Only legal mushrooms are grown on this channel.


keith thurman says:

How many of these colonized bag can you place inside a single terrarium? Please help

Bravo Spours says:

What's your reasoning behind leaving the colony bagged? Feels like we'd want growth from all directions

Brutal Noodle says:

I'm watching this because I wanted to know how to get popcorn a more rounded shape.

Skip ToMyLute says:


Rehab_ 91 says:

How would u do a second flush?

Rehab_ 91 says:

I read other comments and got my answer haha..how would u go for a second flush? It's my first time growing so I've been doing a lot of research looking for the easiest most efficient methods available.

Rehab_ 91 says:

I have two 3 lbs bags of popcorn that I noc'd up last week..can I put both bags in the terrarium to grow side by side ?

yung n wavey says:

Can I do this similarly but with vermiculite and coco coir cakes with vermiculite at the bottom to help moisture?

Skip ToMyLute says:

Damn, can we get a new episode?

purple haze says:

So what kind of mushrooms grow From this?

grim789 says:

Can you just not do the bag and just go from the jars and to the tub and mix it in after you have prepared everything? Also love the videos by far the best quality I have found on YouTube thanks so much man! Hope you will do more videos.

cameraman2157 says:

I really enjoyed watching your videos but I can't find part 7 harvest and part 8

Gonzalo Flores says:

It would be awesome to see you finishing this serie !!! Great Help !! Thanks <3

Vince I. says:

For my first time ever, what should I get, oats or popcorn? I need it to be really easy and with the least chance of failing 😀 also, how do you inoculate without those special jars? Can you do it withoout them? and how ?


Container instead of bag to hold colonized substrate?

james kim says:

Why not take all the plastic off?

Ethan Dorn says:

What is the substrate and how do you colonize it

Nicolas Gomez says:

Keep them coming!!

javier valencia says:

I have a question wild could you use a electric pressure cooker? For part one?

Strange says:

JUST IN TIME!!! my spawn is ready !!

Trevor Wiese says:

So with this method there is no need for the holes in the container at all you only need to wave out several times a day to keep fresh air coming in ?

Art Ortega says:

I need the next video

Daniel Schubert says:

Great Videos! Why do you use vermiculite for the bulk substrate but perlite for the terrarium?

Michael.Steam says:

How long did it take for your kernel substrate to be fully colonized?

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