How To Grow Mushrooms In Bottles

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Want to learn how to grow mushrooms in bottles?

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In this video, I grow Flamulina velutipes (Enoki Mushrooms) in reusable plastic bottles. You can do the exact same process to grow oyster mushrooms in bottles, or any other species (except Shiitake).

The process is simple.

1. Fill a reusable bottle with substrate.
2. Bore a small hole in the middle.
3. Sterilize at 15 PSI for 90 Minutes.
4. Inoculate, colonize and fruit.

Growing mushrooms in bottles is more environmentally friendly than growing in bags- because there is less waste. But the real advantage is for larger farms and the ability to mechanize the process.

You are likely to get better yields and better process flows by just growing in bags.


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Silly Kitty says:

If you wash off the removed fruiting mushroom is it ok to eat?

maria ivan says:

Where do they sell these in the US?

Zac Whiteside says:

Please change title to "non-psychedelic mushrooms"

Crypto Leaks says:


Crikey Crikeys says:

Whoa whoa whoa… someone actually grew maiitake in bottles? That's a frickin' game changer! Even had pics of it!

Brodie Romero says:

I’m so fucking confused

skin19head69 says:

Few liberty caps

J P says:

Magic muahrooms?

Mrs. Roper says:

you can turn the mason jar lid upside down, and it becomes breathable. no longer air tight.

_ Snowebo _ says:

wOah mycelium is rEal?!

Sicuramente non un'anguria says:

I have spore syringes, i just inject in the hole?

João Lopes says:

Thank you Youtube for this vid

isaac moreno says:

these are psychedelic shrooms right?

Balak Das says:

इस्पौन चाहिए यह सर मेरे को यह मैं हिंदी से बात कर सकता हूं इंग्लिश तो मेरे को नहीं आता

centaur says:

Are these magics or just normal mushrooms?

Ancient Truth Seeker says:

What plastic box is that? I want that exact same one, seems like the perfect size. Would appreciate a response

Steve Sparer says:

I'd inoculate those…with my dick

Madxcot says:

Question: what do you think the results would be with bottles that were half the height of the ones you're using here?
Also, why colonize the entire bottle if the top is only part fruiting? Or would you clean out the bottle and gather more from the sides?

Hi Dayat says:

Great info, very helpful… can you help me, how to grow button mushroom?

nathan hausey says:

So did I miss the link for the cool bottles?

Ala Ele says:


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