Oakland decriminalizes 'magic mushrooms'

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On Tuesday, Oakland’s city council unanimously approved a resolution that decriminalizes the adult use and possession of entheogenic plants and fungi.

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Darla Davis says:

When can we make stupidity illegal and lock those bastards up that would be progress

Darla Davis says:

Unanymous twats who the fuck has been running this shit show guess the gov found a way to tax and regulate them so they can get rich off same exact shit they been torturing people about for centuries fkn assholes FUCK YOUR SYSTEM AND YOU ASSHOLES WHO FOLLOW THE RULES AND LAWS OF EXPLOITATION

Jesse Montano says:

Uhhh peyote does not contain psilocybin!! Lol. This society is the #1 cause of psychosis! These guys should do some research first. Good Lord. Lol.

Justin Thyme says:

Leave it to the liberals to outlaw nicotine and legalize pot and mushrooms. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

mvrns lxndr says:

Does not cause psychosis. Correlation versus causation.

my uploades says:

You see now they're pushing that these drugs that were illegal and highly sought-after Homer Simpsons reference over these drugs and many more hundreds of dollars made by these advertisement of the drug drugs brought in a lot of profit and those who died and made criminals due to that and now it's being legalized and looking like a magic medicine remedy it's always been a remedy for something or a side effect or affect those who sought after these mushrooms and use them either was from by choice or by luck artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced maybe soon or monitor people that are using drugs or doing stuff like this so they won't go Rampage into the streets and getting smacked by cars or something maybe one day they can't monitor everybody's brain levels or eggs iety at levels could they like voice to skull them or neuro monitor them like neurologically

Dominic Duenas says:

Gotta love it when ppl who cant even pronounce psilocybin try to denounce it.

J - Hump says:

Hell yeah awesome, stop puting people in prison for the republican private prison system, and it does help with ptsd

Da Rubicon says:

Will we never run out of really, really, really BAD IDEAS?

Nick S says:

Progress of the human race

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