my experience with magic mushrooms.

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this is simply my story.
question everything.
do your research.
listen to your intuition.
never stop expanding.

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Katie Hirsch says:

welcome back you hippie! This is the content I love. Spiritual, connected, free of judgement and transparent. well done.

Mission Money Blog says:

Tim Ferris talks about psychedelic experiences as well, including magic mushrooms. Although the topic is not particularly interesting to me personally, I appreciate the possible benefits to people who use them to support healing.

yerbamatedude says:

Also you should try DMT if u ever have the chance or do ayahausca/san pedro cactus

yerbamatedude says:

Highly recommend LSD and MDMA, MDMA opened up my heart chakra and LSD helped me get into learning different languages..

yerbamatedude says:

Fresh psilocybin truffles taste amazing af

Freaky Frieda says:

You can‘t be serious? I really hope that the shit storm will be epic. It is unbelievable that you promote this to a group of most very young subscribers. Girl. Please just find a job and quit YouTube. I have never ever made a hate comment. But this is the worst video I have ever seen and I cannot be silent.

Christina Martine says:

I love your new content. I'm sorry to hear that others were so judgemental with you and your diet choices. Just illuminates their character. Keep up the good work!

Tommi Halme says:

Greetings from Finland
relax for a moment and watch this music video

nevimjaka says:

Well this is next level of horrible… Promoting drugs… You didn't even say anything negative about it. It doesn't matter if you are in the good environment you can have a bad trip. You can think how it's gonna be perfect because some 25 year-old on YouTube told you so and still have a bad trip. You can have a PTSD for the rest of your life because of it. And taking drugs so regularly. Driving on drugs. Suggesting to kids how to buy them… Suggesting you can self grow by drugs. That is just so horrible

Alicia Kosbab says:

Thank you for sharing! I think magic mushrooms are great for connecting with others on a whole new level. They've helped me come to terms with things I was contemplating and made me feel more in tune with my feelings. Also LOVE being in nature on them. You can really see how nature is just in its own flow and it's so perfect.

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